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7 '90s Sitcoms We Need to See Make a Revival ...

By Teresa

Everyone loves '90s sitcoms, and in 2014, it’s about time a few of them came back for a reunion show (or season, we’re not picky). A few of our favorite '90s sitcoms are coming back, while others are vehemently against a reunion. Either way, we can always dream of these would-be glorious reunions one day coming to fruition!

1 Full House

I think Full House is probably one of everyone’s favorite '90s sitcoms. There wasn’t much not to love about it, even if watching in 2014 is pretty cringe inducing. I think it goes without saying that everyone, no matter your age, loved Uncle Jesse and would kill to see a revival for him alone. He has actually done a few “Jesse and the Rippers” TV performances over the past few years, with other cast members popping up here and there. It’s not the same, though. I think we can all agree when I say that we need a full-cast reunion, and soon.

2 Boy Meets World

This is one of the few '90s shows that is actually getting a revival, and the world is a little (very) excited for it. Even though Cory and Topanga are the only main characters reprising their roles on a regular basis, the rest of the characters have already filmed guest spots. It’s every '90s girl’s dream.

3 Friends

We’ve needed a Friends reunion since basically the day that it went off of the air. There are few people on this planet that didn’t love Friends and wouldn’t kill for a reunion. That’s evident in the biannual reunion hoaxes that pop up on social media and excite us all. It’s been ten years; it’s definitely time for a real reunion. We all just really want to know what happened to our six best friends!

4 Who’s the Boss?

Tony and Angela were everyone’s favorite “will they/won’t they” couple, and even though they did date by the end, there’s still so much left to be answered. Did they ever get married? What happened to Samantha and Jonathan? What about Mona? These are the questions that haunt me.

5 Sister, Sister

Tia and Tamara had their own reality show for a little bit there, but I don’t think it counts as a full reunion. They weren’t playing their characters and I can only think of one or two episodes that featured any of their former cast members. I think we can all agree when I say that we need to know what happened to all of the characters, not just in reality show form.

6 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Although a Fresh Prince reunion could be horribly sad due to recent events, we need to see it. The show ended on a sadder note by moving the family to different places across the world, so we definitely all need to see what happened and where they are now. Will Smith’s eccentric children would obviously need to guest star.

7 The Nanny

Not only watching Fran and Maxwell’s relationship evolve, but also watching the children grow up on The Nanny helped make the show so great. The show ended with a lot of weddings and a few babies, and it’d be interesting to see how everyone’s doing now.

What was your favorite '90s sitcom? Which show do you need to see make a revival? We can always dream!

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