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If you like watching strange shows, there's a ton of bizarre shows on TLC! I love watching how different people live their lives, and there are many interesting people on this channel. When I'm bored, the first thing I do is turn on TLC and see what's on. So next time you're flipping channels, tune into some of these bizarre shows on TLC!

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Extreme Cougar Wives

One of the most bizarre shows on TLC is Extreme Cougar Wives. This show is pretty self-explanatory, in that it is about wives that are much older than their husbands. In one of the cases, the guy is fifty-four and the woman is ninety! They say love is blind and maybe in this case a little deaf too.


Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

I know Honey Boo Boo gets a bad rap, but quite frankly, I'm in love with this show. This family is so crazy and uncouth, and the stuff that comes out of their mouths will either make you laugh or cringe (or both). I didn’t know people even ate road kill until I watched this show. To each his own, I guess!


I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

Could you imagine going to the hospital with belly pain, only to find out you're in labor? That's exactly what the show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is about. It's hard to imagine not knowing you're pregnant with all the tell-tale signs that come along with pregnancy, but many of the women on this show never noticed their symptoms, until they were about to give birth! Crazy, huh?


The Little Couple

The Little Couple is an adorable show about two "little people," as they like to call themselves, and their life as a married couple. The couple is extremely successful, as the husband, Bill, is a business owner, and the wife, Jen, is a doctor. The couple eventually go on to adopt two children, who are also little people. I especially like watching their 3-year old son William who is insanely adorable.


Extreme Cheapskates

Would you dig through dumpsters to furnish your home? Or feed people cat food instead of tuna fish because it's 30 cents cheaper? That's just a few of the extremely penny-pinching things the people on Extreme Cheapskates do. While being money-conscious is smart, the people on this show give a whole new meaning to the word 'cheap.'


Long Island Medium

I can tell you that I never believed in mediums until I watched this show. Long Island Medium documents the life of a self-proclaimed medium, Theresa, as she encounters random people and clients that hire her for readings. This woman is almost always spot on with her readings, and changes so many peoples' minds about the spirit realm. Quite creepy, but a truly fascinating show!


My Strange Addiction

Things like eating cat hair, your dead husband's ashes, couch cushions, glass, and dirty diapers seem bizarre to the average person; but this is the norm on My Strange Addiction! I can guarantee this show will make you feel extremely normal when you watch it, as it will shed light on some strange behaviors you never knew existed.

TLC is one of my favorite channels on TV. Do you like watching TLC? If so, what other shows do you find extremely bizarre?

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Hoarders is one of the craziest tlc shows ever

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