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7 Syfy Shows You Need to Be Watching ...

By Lydia

There are so many Syfy shows that people don't watch because of the stigma that Syfy has. If you don't watch any of these shows, then you're really missing out! Let's take a look at some of the Syfy shows that you need to start watching if you aren't already!

Table of contents:

  1. Being human
  2. Bitten
  3. Lost girl
  4. Face off
  5. Warehouse 13
  6. Total blackout
  7. Continuum

1 Being Human

"Being Human" is a show about a werewolf, a vampire, and a ghost that are trying to live together and act as human as possible. It sounds like a strange concept, but it's a really great show. "Being Human" was originally a show in the UK, but they decided to create a US version with new actors and altered story lines. This show has a little bit of everything whether you're looking for drama, a good laugh or cry, romance, action, or eye candy! This is definitely one of the best Syfy shows on right now.

2 Bitten

A new show about a werewolf? Count me in! "Bitten" is an awesome new show about a werewolf trying to manage a normal life. There's a lot of back story that we haven't been given just yet so it definitely leaves a lot to the imagination. In the world of "Bitten," Elena, the main character, is the only woman to ever survive the transformation to being a werewolf and now she must try to live her regular life while keeping this big secret.

3 Lost Girl

This is an amazing show. "Lost Girl" is about a succubus that doesn't really know how to control her powers, but finds a group of people that can help her. As the show goes on you learn that there is way more to the story than we originally are lead to believe. "Lost Girl" is filled with twists, romance, heartbreak, cool fight scenes, and some really great characters that make this show worth watching.

4 Face off

A lot of people hate the fact that Syfy has reality shows, but this is a really cool one. "Face Off" is a competition show for special effects makeup artists. Every week they are challenged to make really great character designs based off of different themes. It's really awesome to see the designs the artists can make. They're all really talented and it's just overall a really fun show to watch.

5 Warehouse 13

"Warehouse 13" is sadly coming to an end soon, but since it's still on as of right now it deserves to be mentioned. It's really hard to describe what this show is about because the concept is kind of confusing. Basically, this is a show about a team of people who go around the world trying to collect special artifacts. The artifacts are special because they contain abilities that can manipulate time, freeze people, create destruction and other things of that nature. The team must work together to find, collect, and neutralize these items to save the world. It's a really awesome show and the description just doesn't do it justice.

6 Total Blackout

Another reality show! OK, this one I'll admit I was a little skeptical about, but it's hilarious. "Total Blackout" is a competition show where people are put into rooms that are completely dark and because they can't see anything, the people tend to freak out. The point of the show is to complete tasks in the dark, like identifying something because of the way it tastes, smells, or feels or completing some sort of challenge like a maze. These things would be very easy with the lights on, but turning the lights off brings the game to a new level.

7 Continuum

"Continuum" is a really cool show about time traveling and how it can change the future. The show starts in 2077 where a group of terrorists are supposed to be executed, but escape by being transported back to 2012. When they make the trip, they accidentally take along one of the officers with them. Now that she is stuck in 2012, she must try to infiltrate the police department and try to stop the terrorists from changing her future. This is definitely a great show that you need to watch. I know I need to catch up!

Syfy is chock full of fantastic shows that a lot of people aren't aware of! You should definitely check out at least one of these shows. Which are your favorites? What shows shouldn't have been on here? Which shows did I miss?

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