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7 Super Scary TV Series You Will Love ...

By Alison

Do you love a good scary TV series? Over the decades, television has produced some extraordinarily good scary series, and you don't have to wait for Halloween to watch them. Here are some scary TV series you may not have seen, but are sure to love …

Table of contents:

  1. American horror story
  2. American gothic
  3. Carnivale
  4. Tales of the unexpected
  5. The outer limits
  6. Kolchak, the night stalker
  7. Hammer house of horror

1 American Horror Story

If you enjoy a scary TV series, you shouldn't miss American Horror Story. It's well written, startling and eerie. Unusually for a TV series, each season is a separate, self-contained story, rather than following the same characters. Some of the stars appear as a different character in subsequent seasons.

2 American Gothic

File this under 'Why oh why did they cancel it after one season?' Perhaps the network wasn't comfortable with the principle character being so evil, but it was a chillingly marvelous performance from Gary Cole. It's hard to believe he played the wholesome Mike Brady at the same time. It's really worth investing in the DVD, but do check the episode order, as they're not in the correct order on the DVD.

3 Carnivale

The struggle between good and evil is a constant theme in literature and movies. A young man joins a travelling show in the Depression era, but discovers that he has hidden gifts. He is also part of the eternal battle between the forces of good and those of evil. Like many good series, it only made it to a second season, and thus was never properly concluded.

4 Tales of the Unexpected

There was some pretty scary TV around in the Sixties and Seventies. Many of the episodes of Tales of the Unexpected were based on stories by Roald Dahl - as well as his children's stories (which weren't exactly sweetness and light), Dahl also came up with some really scary stories. Once you've heard the theme tune, you'll start to shiver ...

5 The Outer Limits

This scary Sixties series was revived in the Nineties. It was similar in tone to the Twilight Zone, although leaning more towards science fiction and aliens. Each episode began with 'There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission …' Interestingly, many of the actors later appeared in Star Trek.

6 Kolchak, the Night Stalker

Are there no new ideas in television? The Night Stalker has been remade, but check out this Seventies original. A lone reporter investigates supernatural events, and of course nobody believes him. It might not have superior effects, but it's still the original and best. You couldn't help but root for Kolchak, the only one who knew the truth about what was out there.

7 Hammer House of Horror

I used to watch this series back in the Eighties, and having just watched an episode again I can confirm that it is still scary. This particular episode (The Silent Scream) wasn't gory or gruesome, but rather the horror comes from slow realisations at what is going to happen to the characters. Sometimes this is the scariest type of horror …

Get yourself some box sets, turn down the lights, and settle down to watch these TV chillers. The older series like Tales of the Unexpected will still make you shiver … Do you love watching movies of menace and tales of terror?

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