7 TV Shows to Binge Watch While They're on Hiatus ...

If you’re a TV fanatic, summer hiatuses are the worst, but fortunately there are a ton of TV shows to binge watch while they’re on hiatus. You may just be looking for a TV show to pass the time, but you may be surprised to find that one of these TV shows to binge watch will become your new favorite!

1. Parks and Recreation

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Now that they’ve announced that next season is Parks and Recreation’s last season, there is no better time than the present to catch up with everyone’s favorite comedy. Personally, I always say that Parks and Recreation is one of the most perfect TV shows to binge watch because there aren’t too little or too many episodes to catch up on. Catch up with Leslie, Ann, and the rest of the gang. It might’ve taken you a few years, but you won’t regret starting this comedy.

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