7 Television Relationships Everyone Wants to Emulate ...

By Teresa

7 Television Relationships Everyone Wants to Emulate ...

Everyone loves a few good television relationships; some are perfect and idealistic and just plain wonderful, while others are more chaotic. Somehow, we find ourselves trying to emulate all of them at different points in our lives. Whether you’ve tried to be Jim and Pam or Cory and Topanga at one point or another, there are definitely a few television relationships on this list that you’ve tried to emulate!

Table of contents:

  1. jim and pam
  2. ted and tracy
  3. cory and topanga
  4. troy and gabriella
  5. mindy and danny
  6. lizzie and gordo
  7. ben and leslie

1 Jim and Pam

Jim and Pam from The Office may or may not be one of the most perfect television relationships. In fact, they are most definitely the perfect television couple. It’s hard not to love these two. We waited for them to get together for so long, and then we watched them get engaged, married, and have children. We essentially watched these two characters grow up together, and it’s hard not to love that!

2 Ted and Tracy

Although it took nine years to finally learn The Mother’s name in a less-than-stellar finale, we can all still hope for a love like Ted had for Tracy, despite how things really ended for them. Their love story was beautiful, despite its ridiculous ending.

3 Cory and Topanga

Cory and Topanga are the ideal relationship of every 90s kid’s dreams. Sure, relationships as perfect as theirs don’t exist in real life, but we can hope, right? Plus, seeing them reprise their roles as parents this time on Girl Meets World is definitely taking us all back a few decades!

4 Troy and Gabriella

Troy and Gabriella’s relationship was about as implausible as Cory and Topanga’s but who didn’t swoon when they sang What I Was Looking For, Breaking Free, Everyday, or even Can I Have this Dance? And no one can deny that Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron’s real-life romance made us even more jealous!

5 Mindy and Danny

If you’re missing Jim and Pam’s amazing relationship, look no further than Danny and Mindy. Sure, they’re not nearly as perfect and idealistic as Jim and Pam, but they came from Mindy Kaling’s mind, just like many of your favorite Jim and Pam moments did. Some Danny Castellano moments will remind you of something Jim Halpert would do!

6 Lizzie and Gordo

Admit it, every person between the ages of fifteen and thirty right now wished they had a relationship like Lizzie and Gordo at one point in their lives. Sure, they were technically just friends for their entire relationship, but we all knew there was more to it, and we all saw how the movie ended!

7 Ben and Leslie

Regardless of the strange time jump that I’m still trying to understand at the end of last season, Ben and Leslie have one of the best relationships on television right now, which makes sense, because they also spawn from Jim and Pam, with former writers of The Office on the Parks and Rec staff. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Jim and Pam are the ultimate television relationship, and they’ve inspired some of the greatest television relationships, like Ben and Leslie!

Who’s your favorite television relationship? My all-time favorite will always be Jim and Pam, but Mindy and Danny are slowly creeping into Jim and Pam territory! Let me know which one you try to emulate in the comments! If you don’t have a couple you try to emulate, let me know your favorite television couple instead!

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