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There are so many awesome new shows on TV this fall that it’s hard to keep track of them all! I can’t remember a year that I was this excited for all of the new shows gracing my television. There are shows like Mulaney, a sitcom with a similar feel to Seinfeld, and shows like A to Z, which I like to call a “romantic sitcomedy.” No matter what your taste is, there are awesome new shows on TV this fall that you need to watch!

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Marry Me

If you’re stilling missing your weekly Casey Wilson fix two years after Happy Endings’ ridiculous cancellation, you’re in luck. She’s set to star alongside Ken Marino in Marry Me, one of the awesome new shows premiering this fall. the show is created by David Caspe, the same person who created Happy Endings. It looks just as funny as Happy Endings was, so if you’re looking for something new from everyone’s favorite lesser-known comedy, look no further than Marry Me.


A to Z

From the moment I read the first press release about this show, it became my new favorite show of the Fall 2014 season. It’s so hard to find a good romantic comedy these days, and usually you have to find them in TV shows. This show stars Cristin Millioti, of How I Met Your Mother fame, and Ben Feldman from Mad Men. A to Z chronicles their relationship from the beginning until the inevitable end. Having seen the pilot, I can confirm that is one of the most well written pilots I’ve seen in years. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Red Band Society

If you’re still reeling from this summer’s blockbuster hit “The Fault in Our Stars,” this show is perfect for you. Red Band Society is a dramedy about teenagers living in the pediatric ward. While I tend to stay away from dramas, I’m almost certain I’ll be checking this show out. It looks amazing!



Saturday Night Live fans, rejoice! John Mulaney created and stars in this new multi-cam show as a fictionalized version of himself (Seinfeld, anyone?) and performs stand-up routines periodically throughout the show (once again, Seinfeld, anyone?) Regardless, it’s executive-produced by Lorne Michaels, so it’s sure to be a hit.


Fresh off the Boat

You probably saw this trailer in some capacity after it went viral earlier this spring, and that came with reason. While I haven’t seen the show, the trailer is hilarious, especially if you come from a family of immigrants. Plus, it’s the first Asian-American sitcom in decades, giving us all the more reason to support it!



I got a sneak peak at the pilot for this show in March, and I was thoroughly impressed by it. The writing was sharp, the cast was hilarious, and overall, it seems like this show is a good fit for its Friday night timeslot. It features Cristela, a law-school graduate living with her mother, her sister, and her sister’s family. It’s perfect if you’re a lost twenty-something or simply a family hanging out on a Friday night!


Manhattan Love Story

I think I speak for everyone when I say that we’re all a little worried over just how this show will be executed. It’s a cute concept for a show, but almost everyone I’ve talked to has been worried about the voiceovers that portray their inner thoughts. Maybe it will be super funny, but as of right now; everyone’s worried that it may get a little annoying. That being said, it stars Annaleigh Tipton and Jake McDorman, and based on the trailer alone, they’re really great in these parts.

What shows are you looking forward to this fall? Let me know what I missed so I can check them out when they premiere!

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The writing on all the articles is a bit forced now that I think about it. Both the content and the tone. I don't think there are many writers. Just one or two and their first language isn't English.

How to get away with murder, red band society, scorpion, and blackish!!

I never heard of these but How to get away with Murder is awesome !!!!!

Yes boring indeed. Why would u pick these shows when there are so many better ones

How to get away with murder 👍

Who writes these. What about How to get away with murder which open with over 12million viewers on Thursday

I'm really looking forward to Marry Me and A to Z!! Can't wait 😊 Thanks


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