10 TV Shows on Netflix to Catch up on ...


10 TV Shows on Netflix to Catch up on ...
10 TV Shows on Netflix to Catch up on ...

We love TV and we cannot lie...and apparently, so does Marie! Thanks girl for your awesome list of TV shows. We're sure our readers will be eternally grateful <3

As a crazy TV aficionado, I’m so grateful for the technology that is Netflix’s Instant Streaming. Thanks to Netflix’s extensive catalogue of TV shows, I can catch up on many of the shows I might have dropped the ball on when they first premiered, or didn’t have time for at first. Here’s my list of shows that I discovered on Netflix first before joining in with the rest of their loyal viewers and watching weekly. All these shows are currently available on Netflix for instant streaming so that you can catch up before their premieres this summer or in time for the fall’s season premieres.

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Downton Abbey

Thanks to Netflix so many people have been able to get to know the awesomeness that is Downton Abbey. This hit BBC series has even been spoofed on a recent episode of How I Met Your Mother. Who knew that the otherwise mundane lives of aristocrats living in an estate in rural England and the servants below them could be so gripping? This show has become one of the hottest shows out there, and if you are missing out you should catch up on the earlier episodes as quickly as possible.



Another BBC series takes a spin on the modern day Sherlock Holmes and Watson. With mystery, intrigue and the dry humor of Sherlock, this series is a fun take on a modern classic. Season 3 is currently being filmed so this is your chance to catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 before the new season premieres.



If the Braverman family were real, I think I would be devising a way to work my way into their tight-knit clan. The strong bond of family grounds this series as it winds its way through life’s ups and downs, including cancer, adoption, Asperger’s syndrome, unemployment, and alcoholism to name a few. The quirky Braverman family handles everything that is thrown at them with a grace and love for one another. And if you need one more reason to watch, Lauren Graham stars in this show and I love having Lorelai Gilmore back on my TV.


Sons of Anarchy

I had heard some buzz about SOA before I started watching on Netflix. I mostly watched because I couldn’t find anything else to watch, and I was surprised how much I fell in love with a group of bikers from Southern California. While the show can be a bit gruesome for me to watch at times, I find myself riveted each episode with an «oh my god» look on my face at the end. If I could be a Braverman AND be part of the family that this guys have created for themselves, I think I would be truly happy.


Breaking Bad

This summer the final season of Breaking Bad will finally premiere. If you have managed to stay away from spoilers thus far, do yourself a favor and finally catch up on this Emmy-winning show. A teacher turned drug maker and dealer provided so much more action and drama than I could have ever imagined from a TV show. This show is constantly surprising me and I can only imagine the surprises they have in store for their final season.


Mad Men

Don Draper & Co. are back on our screens in the next few weeks. I was reluctant to jump on this band wagon at first, and out of boredom decided to start the series on Netflix and was instantly hooked. I scrambled to finish the episodes in time so I could catch up with the series in real time. There has never been a sexier advertising agency than Sterling, Draper, & Pryce.



Scandal has to be my favorite show on TV right now. It is the only show that I will not wait to watch the next day; I have to be home by 10pm on Thursday night so I can watch it. And no talking to me during the show, either. So much happens during each action/drama packed hour that it needs my full attention. And to think I slept on the first season of this great show! Thank goodness for Netflix as millions of people were able to catch up on the first season of Scandal in time to tune in for the second season when it aired on TV.



This is another BBC series that I love. Centered around 4 young professionals and their love lives, the first volume that is available for instant streaming had me instantly hooked. I have listed this as a continuing series as the 2nd and 3rd volumes are only available on DVD or from iTunes. Until it is available for me to sit down for a weekend and finish streaming them all, I will consider it an in progress show.


House of Cards

The Netflix developed House of Cards has been a fascinating look into the world of politics, backdoor politics to be exact. Kevin Spacey commands the show that released the entire first season at once. What sets it apart from other shows is the lack of cliff-hangers at the end of each episode. Situations are resolved in a timely manner, and as it is available for instant streaming, you can watch it at your own pace without feeling like you are missing out on something or might be spoiled.


Arrested Development

It’s back! I’m so excited for the return of Arrested Development with new episodes this summer. This was a series that I loved, and I am so happy to be able to put it on my list of continuing series versus my list of completed series. I can’t wait to find out what the Bluth family has been up to and tune in for their crazy and quirky antics. They might be the most dysfunctional family on TV, but they are also one of the most lovable to watch. I am so thankful to Netflix for returning them to my screen.

And to think there are still more shows out there for me to discover and start watching, like Dr. Who which is on my list. As Netflix keeps growing its streaming catalogue, I’m sure I’ll find many more as well. I’m always open to new suggestions, so please leave them in the comments!

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Not sure if it goes under completed or still running (b/c each season is a different story) but Series 1 of American Horror Story is on Netflix and its amazing! Loved the cast and all the plot twists!

Sherlock. Is. Life. Season three comes out soon! And even though they're not finished, Dr. Who and Supernatural <3

Definitely prison break!


Hmm once upon a time,bates motel, The fosters. All are pretty good and addictive. Imo I probably wouldn't never watched these shows if it wasn't for netflix =)

Gossip girl 100%

You should add Doctor Who to the list, such a great show just sayin

Dr. Who!!

The walking Dead is great!!!

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