9 Awesome TV Shows You Should Binge-Watch This Weekend ...

There are so many awesome TV shows that are worth spending the time to binge watch. In fact, I’m pretty sure that television shows are almost better when you watch them in a restricted interval of time, a system also known as binge watching. I’m almost addicted to binge watching. With programs out there like Netflix and Hulu, it’s nearly impossible not to get suckered into binge watching at one point or another. These are just a few of my favorite binge-watching shows. Hopefully you’ll find a few awesome TV shows you’ve never seen, or maybe even your new favorite show!

1. The Office

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The Office is one of those awesome TV shows that will always make me laugh no matter what kind of day I’ve had. If you’ve tried to watch The Office and have never gotten into it, watch the episode called Dinner Party from Season Four. It will make you laugh so hard that you will immediately want to watch all nine seasons immediately. You’ll eventually get to the series finale and sob, but try not to think about that.

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