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If you are a fan of movies that have every genre packed into one, you will probably enjoy most of the superhero movies out there. Personally what I love the most about superhero movies is that they include a little bit of action, science fiction, fantasy, romance and even comedy. You can never get bored of them! Their plots are usually very intense and they always have happy endings with the main heroes winning over the bad guys! So if you are willing to give them a chance, here is a list of superhero movies you should check out.

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Iron Man

You are seriously missing out if you haven’t already seen all three of the Iron Man movies. Robert Downey Jr. is a brilliant actor that perfectly embodies Iron Man. He is witty, intelligent and courageous! It is almost impossible not to fall in love with his character. This is not one of the generic superhero movies; it has complete edge that makes it stand out from the rest.



Although I have yet to catch up on the latest Wolverine movie, past experience proves that it should be even better than the previous ones. I think what is the most attractive about Wolverine is his tough and fearless nature. Essentially he is not afraid of anyone or anything! In this clawing thriller Wolverine doesn’t act much like a superhero, but still comes out as one in the end.


Man of Steel

I just recently got the chance to watch the latest Man of Steel movie and it was amazing! Not only did Henry Cavill did an amazing job portraying Superman but the whole production of the movie was jaw dropping. I was sucked into the plot during the first five minutes and I was not even prepared to talk about it even after the whole thing was over. Man of Steel is an outstanding movie that everyone should check out.



Thor movies are not particularly the best superhero movies, but they are highly entertaining with their intense plots and fascinating characters. What gets me the most are the random comedic moments stuck in between really extreme scenes. It’s nice to know that even Asgard gods can laugh at themselves!



The last time I went to the movie theater to watch the latest Batman movie; I came out shaking due to the burst of excitement. Batman movies are completely captivating and I cannot say enough good things about them. Although they are a little more serious than others, they are one of those blockbusters that people keep on talking about.


Captain America

If saying that Chris Evans is the lead role in Captain America is not enough to get you to see this movie, you should also know that it is one of the most refreshing flicks with a lot of heart and integrity. This movie combines the right elements of brisk storytelling with light touches of comedy into a delightful superhero film. Although there is only one movie out right now, there is another one in the works scheduled to come out in 2014!



Of course if you are a superhero fan like me, no movie will stand a chance when you have an epic combination of all of your favorite superheroes in one movie. Although it is hard to get more insight into each character in depth, you finally see all of your favorite heroes interact and work as one! So if you haven’t already seen Avengers, I think it is time you do now!

Superhero movies take us into another realm where everything is pretty much possible. They combine every genre of movies that we love and therefore appeal to a large audience. What is one of your favorite superhero movies?

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Seen all those except man of steel - that one's in my "to watch" pile! I think Wolverine's my favourite here

Iron man and avengers hands down !!!!!

Man of Steel was the BEST. movie.ever.

Seen and love every one!

Batman.......nothing comes close!

Hells Yess to all of those! I'd like to add in "THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 1 & 2" the new ones.

Man of steel great movie to see

I'm a big fan of superhero movies as I love comics. I'm shocked by all the Man of Steal love. It was poorly done. :/


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