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Watching a flick with my little ones is my favorite way to pass a rainy weekend afternoon, so it’s nice to know which kids movies are best. After many movie sessions, I can tell you that the following movies are ideal for kids of all ages. So make some popcorn, pile the couch with pillows and blankets and choose which of these kids movies you want to watch first.

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The Wizard of Oz

Talk about one the most classic of kids movies! Sure the flying monkeys are a bit freaky, but most kids can get past that and enjoy the rest of the movie. You can always take a bathroom break if it gets to be too much. In this story, a regular girl enters a magical land where she makes new friends and realizes that her home is the only place she wants to be. Get ready to watch this one over and over because kids love it.


Finding Nemo

This movie makes my list because my own kids think it’s great. The story is really fun, but it also teaches a pretty important lesson. Even with a bad fin, Nemo learns that he can do anything the other kids can do. So whatever the reason your child is different, and all kids are for some reason, this movie can leave them feeling that they can still do great things. And even if they don’t get the lesson, they’ll still love watching all the underwater action.



This movie has something for both boys and girls. A princess and a talking monkey just to name two. This movie teaches kids that anyone can be friends regardless of socioeconomic status. And the movie is peppered with cute animals, the right number of villains to thwart and music to get toes tapping.


How to Eat Fried Worms

If you have boys, this movie is sure to please. It involves a very boy-like dare among rivals at school. The bullies think they’re going to win the bet, but the underdogs come back and are triumphant. For any boy coming into his own, this movie can help him learn that even the little guy can be the winner.



This movie makes my list primarily because it’s just really funny. But it also involves the bad guy turning into the good guy, so it teaches kids a pretty good lesson too. Will Ferrell voices the villain so you know it’s going to entertain parents too. In the movie, the bad guy learns that being good is way better because it’s so much easier to make friends. It’s got plenty of action and laughs too, so parents can enjoy it as well.

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This movie is a favorite at my house. It’s different from anything you’ve ever watched because the main characters are parrots. The flick follows their adventures in Rio as they escape bird smugglers, become friends and save the day. It’s got its funny moments too, so your kids are sure to be laughing at times.


The Fox and the Hound

This movie is a classic and most kids love it because the animals talk and play just like they do. It also lets kids know that something sad, like being separated from a friend, can still end happy. It’s fun to watch the animals frolic and learn, and your little one might even learn something.

What’s your favorite kids movie? Do you watch it with your own kids?

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What about frozen?

What about the country bears

2,3,7 is the ones I agree on 😕

Brother Bear is a must!

Despicable me! My kids have watched it too many times to count and I'm still not sick of it.

my kids have almost all the old disney movies (vhs) there are very few we dont like.

Where's The Lion King!

I just wanted to say that in my personal opinion how to eat friend worms was really disgusting and I saw this movie as a child


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