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There are some fabulous movies starring real life couples that we love and they appeal to the romanic in all of us. Some of these couples met on set and fell in love and their chemistry is plain for all to see whilst others were couples long before the director screamed 'action'. Ok, so for some of them the love didn't last but here I'm exploring the movies that were made when they were couples at the time or who kindled their love affair on set. Here are of my favorite movies starring real life couples from the past and present.

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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

They were the ultimate screen couple and although Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton did not end their lives as a married couple, they had a good go at their relationship, marrying twice. During their tempestuous relationship, they made a few films together too and this one is one of my favorite movies starring real life couples, this warring couple in particular. The tension between them is palpable and I truly think it shows Liz at her silver screen best.


Far and Away

I know they're not together anymore but the Cruise and Kidman combo spawned a number of movies during their eleven year marriage and this is my favorite from the collection. This 1992 romance left reviewers lukewarm but it epitomizes the early American dream and revolves around two people who want to own their own land in the New World as they prepare for the big land giveaway in Oklahoma at the end of the nineteenth century. I love the cinematography and the sweeping views of the the American landscape. Cruise and Kidman make a cute couple in this as well!



I love Goldie Hawn and I absolutely adore her in this movie in which she starred with her partner Kurt Russell. This Hollywood couple has been together for thirty one years and must be one of the movie industry's success stories! This 1987 romantic comedy sees Goldie Hawn as the spoilt millionaire who literally falls overboard from her yacht. Russell plays a carpenter who, after having been treated unfairly by the spoilt Hawn, sees the opportunity to seize upon her subsequent amnesiac state and convinces her that she was his wife all along. Reese Witherspoon has admitted that this is her all-time favorite movie and I have to say it's also one of mine!


Mr and Mrs Smith

Yes, I know this is a controversial one and I'm 100% Team Aniston, but the movie is quite good. This movie will forever be associated with the the 'Brangelina' union as it's where the two reportedly fell in love and started their relationship. The chemistry between the two is easy to see, and whilst the cynics amongst us probably thought it was another flash in the Hollywood pan, nearly nine years and I've lost count of how many little people later, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are still together and going strong.



Ok, I'm cheating slightly but I couldn't resist sneaking another Taylor and Burton extravaganza. Reportedly one of the most expensive movies ever made, this 1963 movie is worth watching for the opulence alone. With 26,000 costumes and 79 sets, it's easy to see why this film ran at a loss. The film also achieved notoriety because of the Burton and Taylor affair (both being married at the time), and although they had met ten years earlier and Taylor had expressed her disdain for the man, this film is reportedly where the two began their tempestuous love affair.


The Amazing Spider-man

These are a pair of Hollywood's most recent love-birds. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield make a gorgeous couple in this movie and their love began on set in 2011. And they can be seen anew in the upcoming sequel to the Amazing arachnid-human franchise. Their union looks strong though, as they're frequently papped looking cozy and cute together. I hope this one rides out the Hollywood waves.


Slumdog Millionaire

Here we have the Pinto and Patel pair. And what a handsome couple they make! These two fell in love on the set of the fabulous Slumdog Millionaire in 2008; a heart warming love story but one which shocked some audiences when the poverty and degradation of the slums was brought to the world's attention anew. Freida Pinto and Dev Patel have both gone on to star in numerous movies and seem like such a down to earth couple.

These are my favorite movies starring real-life couples, which are yours?

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Ryan and Eva movie

Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson in "Dead Again"...so romantic and full of twists and turns...plus Robin Williams! :)

I love overboard lol it's a favourite weekend movie :) brings me back to a simpler time:)

Zac and vanessa??

Team Angelina

When I watched slumdog millionaire I loved the starring couple's chemistry !! Love the fact that they're a real life couple

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