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7 Oscar Nominated Films You Should Be Seeing Now ...

By Alyssa

Every year the Oscars come about with an overwhelming number of films you just never have time to watch, so I’ve found the top 7 Oscar Nominated films you should be seeing right now. I’ve done the guess work for you, and trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these ones. They’re even worth shelling out a little extra cash for at the the theater. So sit back, relax with your jumbo sized box of popcorn (I don’t judge), and view the 7 Oscar nominated films you should be seeing right now.

1 12 Years a Slave

I start the 7 Oscar Nominated Films you should be seeing now with 12 Years A Slave. This one’s been garnering a lot of positive press since the summer, and there’s a reason for that. The painfully beautiful film will leave you breathless and without a dry eye. Lupita Nyong’o is just as stunning an actress as she is a beauty. And Chiwetel Ejiofor has earned his Oscar. When you suddenly remember this is based on a true story, that pit in your stomach will be there for a long while.

2 Wolf of Wall Street

Another film based on a true story, this one’s a wild ride. A LONG wild ride, but if you bear with it you won’t be disappointed. However, I have been warned by investment bankers that you might not like if you are one. It’s one of those surreal films where you you just can’t believe the events ACTUALLY happened. But then you see Leonardo DiCaprio, and all his yumminess makes you believe anything. Like that he’s a drug addict. True fact - he is not, nor has her ever been (look it up).

3 Dallas Buyers Club

I didn’t know what I was watching. My parents recommended it, and me an Mr. Man (my boyfriend) decided to watch it as a before-bed movie. We didn’t sleep till it was over (I had to re-watch the last 5 minutes - it was 2 a.m.). It’s a Texan man’s experience in finding treatment for AIDS in the 1980s (and that’s the VERY short version). It was stunningly done, and Jared Leto was brilliant. Sometimes I forget he can even act through all that ombre hair (and more recently Miley Cyrus). And Matthew McConaughey has truly solidified his acting status past "alright, alright" - you have to watch it to see what I mean.

4 Philomena

I read about it before I saw it, so I knew the ending. I won’t tell you about it now, just know that it’s another tear-jerker. But you have to love Dame Judy Dench. And the fact that she is now so blind due to a degenerative eye condition, that she can’t even read scripts? FEELS, PURE FEELS. It’s done in the style of classic film, so no special effects, or billion budget sets. Just brilliant actors doing what they do best.

5 Frozen

Just Disney, also doing what it does best. It’s legitimately being hailed as Disney’s best film since Beauty and the Beast. And that’s HUGE, considering all the awards Disney won for BATB and films since. I like that Disney is getting back into using Broadway actors for their musical films. Let It Go has literally become one of the most sung songs by little girls, and weather forecasters alike (and maybe me in my shower). Who’s excited to see Idina preform it at the Oscars?

6 American Hustle

Everyone says to see this one so I’ll include it. I didn’t find it amazing, but once you get past the first 30 minutes, it’s pretty fun. Jennifer Lawrence is a really good actor - so she’s worth the watch herself. However, I will say the makeup artistry is fantastic, because in this film it’s the makeup that keeps you from remembering the big name celebrities you’re actually watching. Compared to the other films that are nominated I don’t think it stacks up, but it’s really for you to decide. But I do give bonus points for boogie down music, Mr. Man and I sang the whole film.

7 Gravity

THIS MOVIE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I'm not kidding. The emotional work that it does in less than the typical time of a Disney film is astonishing. I will try not to reveal too much, but when you see it, you’ll be enamored but Sandra Bullock’s acting. If you can, try and see it in the theater. Some places replay all the Oscar nominated films the day’s before the event. It NEEDS to be seen on a big screen to really get the gravity (no pun intended) of the film. It’s a stand up and cheer classic.

So now that I’ve equipped you with the films you should be seeing by the Oscars, you have a busy few day’s ahead of you. Sit back, again with that jumbo popcorn, and enjoy an old fashioned trip to the movies. Finally to see something you may actually like. So what do you think- do you agree with my choices or not?

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