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7 Unmissable Documentaries That Will Change Your Perspective about Life ...

By Laura

Documentaries that will change your perspective on life take some of the world’s most hard hitting issues and present them in a digestible way. Some are seriously tough to watch. Others, well, they’re hilarious. Some of the documentaries that will change your perspective on life you may have heard of. Others are newcomers to the documentary world!

1 Supersize Me

This first came out when I was 16, and I was sort of excited about it! When I first watched it, I really craved McDonald’s. Years later, I came to realise we live in a seriously supersized world. I read in a life coaching book that portion sizes have increased by around 700% since the 1950s! This is one of those documentaries that will change your perspective on life, especially food!

2 Dispatches: Undercover in the Secret State

North Korea fascinates many of us, yet we don’t really know what goes on inside the world’s last totalitarian state. This documentary is as close as we’re going to get. As it reveals, there is no freedom of thought in this place, let alone freedom of speech. It really makes you appreciate what we have!

3 No Woman No Cry

Maternal mortality is a topic I feel strongly about. Out of all the millennium development goals, MDG5 has seen the least progress. Next year my postgrad work will focus on it, and No Woman No Cry is a documentary that covers the most challenging issues just perfectly. It focuses on at risk pregnant women in four areas of the world, three of which are developing countries.

4 Battle for the Elephants

Someone posted a great quote on my Facebook feed the other day: “The only creatures that need ivory are the elephants.” It is so true, we don’t need to go snatching ivory from the elephants! This is one of those issues we don’t hear so much about, although Prince William and Ricky Gervais have been particularly vocal about it lately. It brings to light how huge the problem is, and why it is so difficult to control.

5 Picture Me

Ever felt bad that you aren’t Claudia Schiffer thin? Then watch Picture Me and think again. Picture Me reveals just how much pressure these women are under to go against biology and starve themselves into thinness. Some of the demands placed on them are horrendous, and they’re often not paid as much as you’d think!

6 Katie Piper: My Beautiful Face

I’m not sure if Katie Piper is known worldwide, so I shall explain her a little here. Her face was seriously maimed in an acid attack, and she has since gone on to advocate for burn victims. She is such a strong and kind woman, it is hard not to love her. She has since continued with her advocacy work, and now has a baby.

7 Louis Theroux: Autism

I absolutely adore Louis Theroux! He makes a lot of fantastic documentaries, but his “Extreme Love, Autism” was really inspiring. In this documentary, he visits a school in the U.S. that educates children with autism. It examines the strains and joys of the condition, and as always he is wonderfully tactful.

If you can think of a hard hitting, contentious, or even ‘normal’ subject, I bet there is a documentary out there on it. These are some of my favorites, although I am sure everyone has their own preferences. Usually, a great documentary can make you re-evaluate the way you feel about a particular topic. If there is one you love, what is it?

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