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7 Best Hulu Original Shows for when Youre Bored ...

By Lydia

There are a lot of Hulu original shows out there nowadays. Since there isn't much advertising for them it's hard to know what's out there. Well, this list is here to help! This list will help you figure out where to start with Hulu original shows, so let's take a look.

Table of contents:

  1. The awesomes
  2. Mother up
  3. Fugget about it
  4. Misfits
  5. Moone boy
  6. Quick draw
  7. Battleground

1 The Awesomes

This is the first of the Hulu original shows that I ever watched. It's a funny show about a group of misfit superheroes and it's actually pretty good. It's not a smart comedy and it doesn't make you think, but that's not what it aims to do. The Awesomes aims to make you laugh and that's exactly what it does. It's not an inappropriate cartoon like Family Guy or American Dad either, so you can watch it as a family, just the kids may not get all the jokes.

2 Mother up

I knew this voice sounded familiar! Eva Longoria stars in this hilarious cartoon about a former music executive that has to transition to living in suburbia. This show is so funny! It's like adventures in misguided parenting. Longoria's character is used to having tons of money and not having to watch her children, but then she has to live on a budget and watch her own children and she has no idea what she's doing. Her neighbor and only friend is also fun to watch because they're complete opposites.

3 Fugget about It

This is a fun play on a mobster family. This is a cartoon and the jokes are kind of adult and it's a lot of fun. Fugget About It is about a mobster family put into witness protection and how they cope with it. It takes place in Canada, so they try to play off of the mobster clan versus the nice people in Canada. It's a silly show that's great for a quick laugh when you're bored and don't know what else to watch.

4 Misfits

Technically this didn't start out as a Hulu original, but it is now! After the show was taken off of TV, Hulu decided to keep it going on their website. Misfits is about a group of teens that get struck by lightening and develop powers such as invisibility and immortality. There are funny moments, but on the whole it is a drama and it's definitely worth watching.

5 Moone Boy

I'm a sucker for a show from the UK. Moone Boy is a Hulu original from Ireland and I love it. This is a sweet story about a young boy and his invisible friend. It can get a little sad because he is a young boy in a family that has other things going on and he's not liked by everyone at school. Although it has points that make you feel a little bummed out, in the end it'll make you smile.

6 Quick Draw

This is a contemporary comedy set in the "old west," so don't get fooled into thinking that this is really a Western in any sense. Quick Draw isn't a comedy that your young siblings or children should watch with you, but you should definitely watch it. Technically it's about the sheriff and deputy in town solving crime, but it's a funny show that you should check out next time you're bored.

7 Battleground

This was Hulu's first ever scripted original show! Battleground is a mockumentary like Parks and Recreation or The Office about a group of political campaign workers. Battleground would be considered a dramedy - it's filled with so many combined words! If you don't know, a dramedy is a dramatic comedy, meaning it's a drama but it's also funny so it's a comedy. It's a great show and is definitely worth checking out!

It turns out that Hulu's original series are worth watching! Are there any that you like that aren't on this list? Which do you think are a waste of time?

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