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Urban Dictionary perhaps has the best and easiest definition of what cult classics are – something that’s really hip with a select group of people. Personally, I don’t know what better definition there is out there but we can all agree, that there are some movies that seem to define a certain part of a generation. So here is my list of the must watch cult classics that you have to see at least once in your life!

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The Breakfast Club, 1985

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What better way to start of a list of must watch cult classics than with The Breakfast Club? This movie defined a generation, and became one of the most loved films in Hollywood history. That closing narration was golden: Dear Mr. Vernon, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're crazy to make an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us - in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess and a criminal. Does that answer our question? Sincerely yours, the Breakfast Club.


Donnie Darko, 2001

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Jake Gyllenhaal became a household name with Donnie Darko, and it’s not hard to see why. This movie scared the daylights out of me, but it touches on some pretty incredible scenarios. I would personally prefer to not have doomsday visions that involve a creepy bunny, but I’ll tell you one thing – it did get the point across of a troubled teenage brain.


Fight Club, 1999

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I love Fight Club. This movie has Brad Pitt probably at his hottest, a blonde Jared Leto, a strangely sexy Edward Norton, and to top it all off, it’s just an insanely incredible movie. It’s directed by David Fincher, who gave us The Social Network, Seven, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and Zodiac, just to name a few. Point is, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to.


Clueless, 1995

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Everyone agree here right? Clueless is a classic, and honestly, where would we be without Cher’s words of wisdom? Date boys in high school? As if!


The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975

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You know that song ‘Time Warp’? Or how about ’Damn It, Janet’? Those wonderful songs are from this campy, somewhat horror-like film. There’s a whole lot that goes along with this movie, and it’s kind of like walking in to a haunted house on an acid trip but being quite happy about it. There’s really no way to explain it, but once you see it, you’ll see why there are so many people out there who love this movie.


Kick-Ass, 2010

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This movie became a runaway hit when it came out, and for good reason too; it’s a great movie! So wonderful that it went on to make a sequel, which was also loved. If you still haven’t seen this movie, I urge you to. You’ll be glad you did.


Dazed and Confused, 1993

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I first saw this cult classic in school actually. It’s about getting high in high school, and figuring out life along the way – all on the last day of school. Plus you get to see a super young Matthew McConaughey in it looking quite scrumptious.


Dirty Dancing, 1987

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This is a classic, if you haven’t yet see it, you need to. Sit back, relax, and just enjoy watching Jennifer Gray get to the part where Johnny says‘no one puts baby in the corner’. You’ll be cheering her on, and falling for Patrick Swayze all at the same time.


Edward Scissorhands, 1990

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Johnny Depp is one of those actors who is as relevant today as he was back in the 90s. What I love about this movie is just how sweet it is. You don’t expect it, especially when the trailer showed Johnny dressed in all sorts of weird. But then you watch it, and you realize just how lovely it all is. Plus, he was totally in love with Winona Ryder, which is adorable.


The Blair Witch Project, 1999

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I didn’t watch this, well, not all of it. Because I’m a bit of scardey cat and 100% scared of scary movies. But I do know that this movie became one of the most profitable movies in Hollywood history, and that people loved it. It ushered in a whole new way of making scary movies, and that genre is all the more better for it.


Mean Girls, 2004

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On Wednesdays we wear pink. Boo you whore! If you’re from Africa, why are you white? Ah, the list goes on of the wonderful quotes Mean Girls gave us. Plus, it showed Lindsay at her peak, and even though it’s been 10 years (is that not insane?) we are still loving Mean Girls to this day!


Napoleon Dynamite, 2004

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Gosh! If you said it in that voice, then you know you’ve seen this movie. If you have no idea what voice I’m talking about, then you need to go watch this movie. It’s a cult classic for a reason, and no matter what your opinion is of it after you’ve seen it, one thing is certain – it made a lasting impact.


Shaun of the Dead, 2004

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I’m not usually the one to watch spoofs, but because I was too scared to watch the real thing, I watched this instead! I’m quite happy that I did, because honestly, this movie is hilarious. Spoofs need to be made like this, because it was a smart, witty kind of spoof. Watch it, you’ll love it.


The Princess Bride, 1987

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If you watched this movie while it was in theatres, then it will always have a place in your heart. I watched it way, way after it came out, and the reason I watched it was because I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype. Here’s the great thing about cult classics though, it speaks to one generation, and helps move them along to give way to where we are now. Plus, Robin Wright looked really, really good back then, and still looks pretty damn good now!


Reservoir Dogs, 1992

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Take a look at it like this: Reservoir Dogs was Quentin Tarantino’s debut film. For that reason alone, you need to see this. That’s also why this is a cult classic, because this was Tarantino’s first movie, and it was this darn good.


Scarface, 1983

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My best girlfriend loves this movie. The storyline, the guns, the drugs, the gang activity; this is what made Al Pacino loved by so many people. And Michelle Pfeiffer too.


Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, 2010

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I’m not the biggest gamer in the world. So my boyfriend and I play GTA from time to time (hey, it’s a really fun game!), but for a movie that’s based on a video game, this movie is utterly awesome. It’s fun, adventurous, creative, filled to the brim with imagination, and it's just ridiculously cool. So go on, watch!


A Clockwork Orange, 1971

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Stanley Kubrick gave us a gem with this movie. I don’t want to talk about it too much, because you need to watch this for yourself and make up your mind about how awesome this movie is.


V for Vendetta, 2005

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Fun fact about this movie – Natalie Portman totally had her head shaved in that iconic scene. Such a brave woman, who still looks stunning gorgeous bald! But I digress; this movie is a cult classic because it speaks so strongly about this generation and the attitude towards politics. It’s a statement movie, and it a must watch!

Every generation has its defining films; it’s what the public chooses to identify with, and what they decide will represent them. We all have films that we love dearly, and when you watch a series of them, you get to experience just a little bit of what made each group tick! So tell me, what are your favourite cult classics?

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Hated clockwork orange. To this day, I'm sorry I saw it.

Corrina Corinna with Whoopi Goldberg or Anything Audrey Hepburn are always classic's in my book!

The Heathers ?

Pulp fiction and die hard

Your list is awesome. Great job!

Mean Girls, Breakfast Club, Edward scissorhands


Where's Harold and maude


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