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If you love his writing as much as I do, it's fun to discover the eleven surprising movies based on Shakespeare's plays. From high school dramas to sci-fi adventures, you will find surprises among the box office releases. Among these films, you may find some of your favorites that you'd never believe were created using The Bard's intriguing plots. Let's discover the eleven surprising movies based on Shakespeare's plays.

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Big Business

“Big Business” is among the movies based on Shakespeare's plays and is nothing short of hilarious. From the plot of “Comedy of Errors,” Lily Tomlin and Bette Milder star as a set of twins who were switched at birth. The film offers the same concept in which the twins are raised by families in differing social classes. One family is from Beverly Hills while the other is from the south.


10 Things I Hate about You

Based on the concept of “The Taming of the Shrew,” “10 Things I hate about you,” introduces the concept of the younger sister wishing to start dating and facing quite the challenge. Their father, an obgyn who is obsessed with the probability of teen pregnancy, informs his younger daughter that she can date when her sister does. While plotting against the popular guy, a group of friends join forces to take on the shrew, Katherina.


A Thousand Acres

Although the older sisters are not the same villains that they were in “King Lear”, this film is based on the division of a family estate after the death of a parent. The twist in this film depicts a group of strong women who come to terms with the events of their pasts and finally discover peace.


Get over It

While performing “A Midsummer Night's Dream,” the characters of “Get Over it,” begin to follow suit as the male lead, Ben Foster, falls madly in love with one girl while he continues to pursue another. The tangled webs of high school love lead to adversity and indifference for the characters.


She's the Man

This adorable journey of boy meets girl is inspired by “Twelfth Night.” With the original names in play, this movie presents Amanda Bynes who helps her brother out by posing as him in school. During the course of the school year, she discovers Orsino played by Channing Tatum. She immediately falls in love and pursues him while he believes she is just one of the guys.



As a direct representation of Othello, “O” presents the story of love betrayed by trickery as Othello falls in love with Desdemona in a modern, high school representation. Although the names are changed slightly and the plot offers several twists, the movie shows the character, Michael Cassio's betrayal of his friendship with “O.”


Warm Bodies

With a new twist, this “Romeo and Juliet” adaptation presents viewers with a love story between a zombie and a live human. It offers the story of forbidden love with a bit of, well, weirdness that makes it strangely enduring. Although, they can never be together, the story is still sweet and interesting.


The Lion King

As unexpected as it is, “The Lion King” presents a new look at “King Lear.” The basic elements are offered through the murder of Mufasa by his brother to become the next king. While Simba comes to terms with his reality, he learns that the past doesn't matter and it is time to be who he was destined to be. This beloved Disney classic has become a favorite among children all over the world.


Deliver Us from Eva

“Deliver Us from Eva” is another adaptation of “Taming of the Shrew.”It is nothing short of hilarious. With a star-studded cast, the film shows a group of friends plotting against the older sister of their girlfriends and wives. While they are trying to set her up, the fall guy becomes enchanted by Eva and the plan is quickly discovered.


Romeo Must Die

Through the martial arts of Jet Li, you discover a new twist to the “Romeo and Juliet” story. In this story, a cop seeks revenge upon those who killed his brother. Along the way, he meets the daughter of women involved in illegal activities.


Forbidden Planet

Although the characters are not stuck on an island as depicted in “The Tempest,”the characters follow the same plot as the play. Alta falls in love with an outsider and her father forbids the union. You will see the story of a father's love and protection while his daughter fights for independence and her right to choose her own destiny.

With amazing screenplays and new twists, film makers introduce to a new look at old classics. Whether you loved Shakespeare before or just beginning to acquire your appreciation, you will discover adoring characters through comedy and drama. What are some of your favorite plays written by Shakespeare?

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the lion king is based on Hamlet

In Warm Bodies, the girl and the zombie did end up together.

The Lion King is more related to Hamlet

The Lion King is more like Hamlet than King Lear

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