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I love watching inspirational films based on true stories, especially when I'm going through a bad time in my own life. People often watch movies to feel uplifted and inspired, and films that are based on real people and real events make that easier. You know these people really went through hard times and tragedies, yet they pulled themselves up and out, which sometimes gives you the boost you need as well. As you'll see, a lot of really inspiring films based on true stories have something to do with sports, but not all of them – and even if you're not a sports lover, you'll love these.

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October Sky

If you've never seen this movie, get thee to Netflix or somewhere, right now. I've just noticed that a lot of inspiring films based on true stories have their origins in my beloved home state of West Virginia: October Sky, Patch Adams, and We Are Marshall (which is another really inspiring film you should watch, although I left it off so I didn't inundate you with sports). As much as I like Jake Gyllenhaal, the setting was the reason I initially watched the story of Homer Hickman, who wanted to build rockets. His father, played by Chris Cooper, had no faith in that endeavor, and wanted his boy to work in the coal mines.


Schindler's List

I don't think you can talk about inspirational movies without discussing Schindler's List. While the backdrop is of course horrendous, the message is so poignant. Schindler himself didn't start out so good and kind-hearted, but watching his journey as he realizes that what he's doing is wrong, that what's going on in Germany is hideous, and does what he can to help make things better, it's so touching.


Norma Rae

Why is Norma Rae so inspirational? Because it's all about strength and determination in the face of overwhelming diversity. Norma Rae risked and sacrificed so much for her family, hers was the ultimate struggle. I don't think there are nearly enough movies depicting strong women, let alone women who are true to life.


The Blind Side

I love this movie so, so much. I cry like a baby every time I watch it – which happens quite frequently. The true story on which the movie is based goes a little differently, but all of the most important components are the same. Specifically, the sweetness, earnestness, and determination of Michael Oher hold true, and the Tuohy family is just as open and loving on screen as they seem to be in real life. More than anything, this movie shows that where you come from doesn't dictate where you go.


The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie carries the same message, and I think it helps that Will Smith depicted Chris Gardner alongside his own son. You could feel his love for his child and his determination to create a much better life. Chris hustled, and it paid off.


Glory Road

Glory Road is an incredibly moving story. Though it came out in 2006, the film itself takes place in 1966 and focuses on the first ever line-up of all black starters in an NCAA-level basketball game. Coach Don Haskins not only coached the players, he actually formed the team in spite of a lot of heavily racist opposition. The things those boys went through are disheartening, but the way they all rose above it is so inspirational.


Patch Adams

Patch Adams has unfortunately become something of a joke, with everyone making a caricature out of Robin's characterization, but I think it's a wonderful film. It proves so many things: that no form of mental illness or behavioral trouble has to keep you from your goals; that there are good, honest, and caring doctors out there whose lives are not run by insurance companies; that no matter how old you are, you can still do what you want without feeling embarrassed or ashamed; and that your dreams are never silly, even if they sort of sound that way. I did not realize, however, that Patch's Gesundheit Institute is located in none other than Hillsboro, West Virgina.

The next time you need a little inspiration in your life, I suggest watching one or more of these movies. Of course, any film that inspires you will do the trick. What films do you watch when you need to be uplifted?

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I can't believe I've gone this long without hearing about or watching Patch Adams! The trailer made me teary!! I must watch it ASAP

RE: Norma Rae

Good Morning Vietnam!

The intouchables!


Ciberbully, such a wonderful movie. Makes you think twice

We're watching Schindler's List in my Global History class right now, and it really is a lovely movie.. Plus, Liam Neeson!

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