8 Romantic Movies about Older People in Love ...

There really aren't enough romantic movies about older people. I mean, really thoughtful movies that make you consider another perspective – they're few and far between. Rarely do you even find a youthful starlet or hero falling in love with someone older. The very fact that there are so few romantic movies about older people simply upholds the stereotype that Hollywood really doesn't have any use for you once you're over 40, maybe 45. I think that's ridiculous, so I found some exceptions to the rule.

1. Hope Springs


Hope Springs quickly became one of my favorite romantic movies about older people. In fact, the dynamic between Meryl Streep and the charmingly cantankerous Tommy Lee Jones originally inspired the topic of this post. I know this movie resonated with a number of older couples, including my in-laws. Sometimes the spark just … dies down, but that doesn't mean your marriage or relationship is a lost cause. You just have to work for it and fight for those breakthroughs. I think a lot of older couples go through this, especially when you've been together so long. Did anything in this movie hit home for you?