10 Movies for a Rainy Day ...

The sky is grey, the wind is whistling and there’s no sign of the sun, so grab a warming drink, dress in your favorite sloppy-joe and settle down to watch the best movies for a rainy day. When the rain is beating down and you can’t get outside, you want great movies to take your mind off the weather; movies to make you feel good, or movies so engrossing that you become immune to anything but what’s happening on screen. Each of us has our own take on which genres make the best movies for a rainy day and here are my picks that span a number of them.

1. Midnight in Paris



I’m loathe to call this a chick flick or a romcom because I always think that seems to reduce the gravitas of a good movie. I think this is one of the great movies for a rainy day. It is far cleverer than you first imagine and it’s easy to get so lost in the plot so as to imagine you’re back in time yourself. Fans of great literature will love this movie (for fun!) and so will those who love a good love story.