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7 Dreadful Disney Sequels ...

By Neecey

Some of us absolutely adore Disney movies whereas for others having to sit through the sugary sweet, saccharine song-filled extravaganzas of animation is torture, but hey, they keep the kids happy. Cars 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 come out in 2011, adding to the rather long list of Disney sequels.

Generally, Disney follows the movie trend of poor follow ups and unfortunately, the vast majority of Disney sequels are awful and many have gone straight to home-video (never a good sign). Here are 7 of the most dreadful Disney sequels!

1 Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

A classic story with a happy ending isn’t enough apparently, so Disney made Cinderella II, a direct-to-video film about Cinderella’s life as a princess. The film was a financial success but responses from critics and fans were very negative. It’s rubbish.

2 Tarzan and Jane

There are two sequels to Tarzan: Tarzan II and Tarzan and Jane, but this one is the worst. It’s all about Tarzan and Jane’s one-year wedding anniversary (not a topic that would interest many kids anyway), but the plot is awful and the quality of the animation is poor, making it a truly dreadful Disney sequel.


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3 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World

In this dreadful Disney sequel, Pocahontas journeys to England with her friends. Unfortunately, this film is so historically inaccurate that it contradicts everything that children will be learning at school. Apparently, London was very clean in the 17th Century and everyone was healthy. Pocahontas? More like Pocahauntus!

4 The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

The first Hunchback of Notre Dame film has to be one of the greatest Disney films of all time. Unfortunately, The Hunchback of Notre Dame II is one of THE most dreadful Disney sequels of all time. The wonderful music of the first film is nowhere to be seen, and Quasimodo has a new (and somewhat annoying) sidekick in the shape of Esmeralda and Phoebus’s son Zephyr.

5 The Jungle Book 2

The only positive of this sequel is that the original characters are in it, but even they don’t have the same charm as in the original because the voice artists have changed. Mowgli leaves village life and returns to the jungle. Nothing’s new and nothing’s exciting.

6 101 Dalmatians 2: Patch’s London Adventure

This film should probably be called 1 Dalmatian as it follows Patch, who goes to London to meet Thunderbolt, his TV hero. It’s probably fun for young children but it’s not even in the same league as the original. Also, Cruella de Vil is only a shadow of her former self and is no great Disney villain in this sequel.

7 The Fox and the Hound 2

The original Fox and the Hound film is less well-known than many Disney classics but it’s one of the greatest and well worth a watch. The plot of this sequel, however, is very disappointing in comparison, and the film has none of the charm of the original. The new computer animation doesn’t make it any better, either. Some people seem to like it, but there’s something nice about hand-drawn animation.

The plots of these sequels are weak and boring, while none of the villains could be seen as Disney greats. Don’t sit down in front of a Disney sequel and expect it to be as good as the original: it won’t be. The classics should just be left alone, but when there’s money to be made, the sequels will continue. How many dreadful Disney sequels have you seen?

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