6 Fears That Develop from Watching Disney Movies ...


6 Fears That Develop from Watching Disney Movies ...
6 Fears That Develop from Watching Disney Movies ...

Do you have any fears that develop from watching Disney movies? Disney is something that ties our world together. Growing up with Disney films and stories truly does help form our perceptions of the world and cements a lot of realities in which we either feel desire or fear. Therefore there are situations that we fear that have a strong tie to the Disney franchise. Here are 6 different fears that develop from watching Disney movies.

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cartoon, pink, art, purple, fictional character, This one is obvious, whether it is Cinderella or Meredith Blake, stepmothers have consistently been the worst in Disney films. This fear capitalizes on many fears that derive from divorce or remarriage and the fear of the unknown and is one of the biggest fears that develop from watching Disney movies.



cartoon, fictional character, art, drama, fiction, Like Snow White’s apple, fruit from a stranger can be poisoned and end in death. Traditionally this could also be the age-old tale of “don’t take food from strangers” however, fruit bears the brunt of this fear and makes kids grow up wanting sweets even more.


The Woods

mammal, vertebrate, fictional character, anime, adventure, Wolves attacked Belle and the darkness of the woods is a critical terror that signifies that something bad is about to happen. The darkness of the woods and the creatures that may lay within capitalize on many children’s and adult’s fears of the unknown and of powers beyond our control.



cartoon, black, black and white, mammal, text, Peter Pan’s story is a great example of this fear. Not only is Captain Hook terrified of clocks, Peter Pan is afraid of growing old. This fear of losing your childhood and growing old is a common thread in Disney films because the protagonist is always a child or a young princess and the evil forces are most commonly adults or the most experienced, like Lots from Toy Story 3.



red, cartoon, mammal, pink, nose, The child protagonist is at the center of the Disney stories. Therefore, many children or young princesses are thrust into the world without parental protection and usually only an animal sidekick to assist them. There is also a significant trend in orphans in the franchise or losing your parents like in The Lion King or in Frozen. Loneliness is thus a real fear that is present in our subconscious from the beginning.



special effects, art, organism, girl, computer wallpaper, Sleeping Beauty never wakes up, Snow White is stuck in a coma, and Captain Hook kidnaps Peter Pan’s children while they sleep. Going to bed is never fun when you’re a child and these terrors that happen when you're in your most vulnerable state or getting stuck asleep is a commonality in much of the Disney franchise.

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