8 Powerful Movie Scenes That Will Move You ...

By Heather

8 Powerful Movie Scenes That Will Move You ...

There are some powerful movie scenes out there that can not only make you think but that can actually move you and change you. These are just a few of the top powerful movie scenes that are absolutely amazing and could make you cry at the same time. So, take a look at my top 8 movie scenes that will move you in the best possible way!

1 The Hunger Games


Scene: 'I Volunteer As Tribute'

If you've ever read The Hunger Games, you know how beautiful this scene was written out. But the acting in this scene? It's so, so powerful. This is absolutely one of the most powerful movie scenes that I've ever seen in a movie all about killing. Jennifer Lawrence is incredible, so full of emotion … it's a scene that will leave you speechless!

2 Brokeback Mountain


Scene: Ennis & Jack Reunited

Brokeback Mountain was one of those movies that I saw in the theaters and cried through the entire movie. It's such a sad, sad movie, but it's so well done, the acting is amazing and this scene. The reunited scene is so, so amazing. Not only did it make me bawl, but it's so powerful, it's so perfect and it truly shows how they felt about one another.

3 Harry Potter & the Deathly Hollows Part 2


Scene: Snape's Death

It doesn't matter if you are not a Harry Potter fan, if you've seen any of the movies, this is definitely the scene that will get to you. I love Snape – I have, throughout the entire series and this scene, the scene where he dies is so sad. He loved Lily. Always will. Always. Made me cry like a baby!

4 Lion King


Scene: Mufas's Death

Oh, who could ever forget how badly Disney screwed us all up with this scene? This is not just a sad scene, but it's a scene that I swear was so powerful, little kids could barely watch it. It is right on par with Bambi's mom's death. I hate/love this scene so much!

5 American Beauty


Scene: Lester's Death

American Beauty is one of those films that makes you think all over and start to second guess everything, but the final scene is one that I absolutely love … but it is sad. The thing that makes this scene moving is not just the fact that Lester died, it was also the words that he is speaking. I love Kevin Spacey's voice in general, but what he is saying? It's amazing!

6 American History X


Scene: Curb Scene

While this scene is disturbing, it is also super powerful and moving. How could someone do that? And the look in Edward Norton's eyes when he turns around and kneels for the police? It's … so insane. It is almost as if he was possessed by the devil himself. His eyes! So full of hate.

7 Requiem for a Dream


Scene: Ending

If you haven't seen this movie, you've got to watch it. It is moving, powerful, totally different and the camera tricks are amazing. It's basically 4 different story lines in one movie and Jared Leto looks incredible. The end though, it can totally screw you up and really make you think about things.

8 Pursuit of Happyness


Scene: Homeless Scene

The Pursuit of Happyness (for those of you that saw the movie, you know the spelling is right) is a powerful movie in and of itself. It is all about determination, but the scene where Will Smith and his son are lined up, waiting to go in? It breaks your heart.

These are just a couple of my top powerful movie scenes that I could watch over and over again … and that moved me. What about some of your favorite movie scenes? Do you have any powerful ones to share?

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