7 Great Natalie Portman Movies ...


7 Great Natalie Portman Movies ...
7 Great Natalie Portman Movies ...

I’ve been a fan of Natalie Portman movies since the beginning of her career when she was just 13 years old in “Leon: The Professional.” From Novalee in “Where the Heart Is” to Nina in “Black Swan,” she has always been a powerful young actor who plays memorable characters that inspire or move us. Whenever I watch Natalie Portman movies I feel like I’m watching a friend or someone I can relate to. Here are just a few of my favorites, I bet they are some of yours as well...

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Leon: the Professional...

Leon: the Professional... itunes.apple.com
Let’s start with her first and one of my favorite Natalie Portman movies! Can you imagine playing a 12 year old who is working with an assassin to kill the men who murdered your entire family? It must have been an exciting but also terrifying experience for Portman’s first big movie roll. Jean Reno, who plays Leon, does a fantastic job of turning an assassin into a lovable character who protects this young girl and even teaches her how to protect herself. “Leon: The Professional” is a must see for your Natalie Portman movie list.


Anywhere but Here...

Anywhere but Here... itunes.apple.com
Are you a teen struggling with growing up while your annoying parents, especially your mom, won’t let go...even just a little?! The mother and daughter relationship during those teen years can be tough. At times it feels like there’s a constant battle going on between the two of you. If you are looking for a great movie to relate to and one you can watch with your mom, then rent “Anywhere But Here.” Susan Sarandon plays Natalie Portman’s mom, and does a fine job of playing a kooky, I can’t stand you, get away from me type of mom to her teen daughter. They make their relationship believable, and during those teen years you need to see that there are other girls out there who are struggling too. It’s a great movie for any teen or parent searching for their own identity and searching for a relationship with each other. It was also a film that gave Portman her first Golden Globe nomination.


Where the Heart is...

Where the Heart is... itunes.apple.com
So, I’ve watched “Where the Heart Is” over a dozen times, and well, I feel pretty silly admitting that I’m just now learning that it is based on a Billie Letts novel of the same name! It’s a charming yet crazy story of a poor, young pregnant girl who gets left behind by her boyfriend at the Walmart in a town she is unfamiliar with. She soon makes friends with strangers played by Stockard Channing and Ashley Judd after secretly living at the Walmart for six weeks and then giving birth there! Portman’s character, “Novalee Nation,” is quirky yet likable, which makes her fit right in with the other characters she meets along the way. It may not have been an Oscar nominated film, but it is still a must see!


Garden State...

Garden State... itunes.apple.com
Not only did actor Zach Braff do a fantastic job directing, writing, and staring in “Garden State,” but he also did a superb job of casting Portman as his leading lady! The connection between the two quirky characters is so likable that you just wish you were the third wheel, however that role went to Peter Sarsgaard! This movie is a cult classic that has a soundtrack that is just as amazing as the film, so amazing that it won a Grammy award! If you have never watched a Natalie Portman movie, this is a great one to start with.



Closer... itunes.apple.com
After watching the four previous Natalie Portman movies, you probably would never consider her as an actress that would play the role of a vulnerable stripper who wears a pink wig! “Closer” is about sex, lies, and deceit. It takes a closer look behind two couples who thought they were in love, only to find out the man from the one couple is sleeping with the woman from the other couple. Here, Portman shows us that she can play any woman; strong, powerful, and in control, or scared, weak, and fragile. If you want to see the other side of this gorgeous woman, then “Closer” is one to watch. It gave Portman her first Oscar nomination and first Golden Globe win!


V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta itunes.apple.com
No, I didn’t just pick this Natalie Portman movie because of how sexy she looked when she shaved her head! But if I did, could you blame me?! At first Portman’s character just seems like any other sweet, innocent young lady, but by the end she is ready to stand tall and fight with V against the corrupt government. It’s a powerful action movie that brings you the big fight scenes without needing too many special effects. “V for Vendetta” is also more than an action movie, it has meaning and thought. I’m a little surprised this wasn't an Oscar nominated film...but don’t you worry, I saved the best for last!


Black Swan

Black Swan itunes.apple.com
So, were you a little disturbed after watching “Black Swan” like I was?! I’m still not sure what parts of the film were reality and what parts were creepy thoughts inside Natalie Portman’s character’s head! It’s an intense film that keeps you wondering what is really going on inside everyone’s thoughts. The truth is that we all have two sides to our personalities: the innocent and sweet White Swan, and the sinful and dark Black Swan. Portman won her first Golden Globe and Oscar for “Black Swan.” She also fell in love with her costar and the film’s ballet choreographer, Benjamin Millepied, who is now her husband and the father of her first child!

What Natalie Portman movie is your favorite? Are there any Natalie Portman movies you love that I didn’t include?

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Also loved Thor though not necessarily because of Portman...

I love where the heart is! And I love no strings attached(: she cracks me up in that one

Black swan was amazing

Star Wars!!!!!!

Padmè Amidala in Star Wars! :D

:o Star Wars?

Star Wars!! c:

She very pretty and I love the movie where the heart is.

Star Wars!

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