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7 Lovely Indie Tearjerker Flicks You Need to Watch ...

By Fawn

I don’t know about you but sometimes, when I’m sad all I want to do is watch sad movies. I personally prefer indie movies, I find myself getting more attached to the characters. If you’re anything like me, these are the indie tearjerkers you need to see.

1 The Fountain

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This is a story that spans a 1,000 years, with 3 interlinked stories that are all heartbreaking. Without giving too much away I can tell you that the first story shows a Spanish explorer looking on a quest for his queen. The second shows a modern day scientist trying to save his ailing wife. The third story (which I find the saddest) shows a man traveling through space trying to be reborn.

2 Dakota Skye

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This is the very interesting story of the girl that cannot be lied to. In short, any time someone lies to her she sees the truth like subtitles in a movie. In truth it’s witty for the most part but the brokenness that comes from being lied to and knowing about it is so incredibly sad. Especially when you add in her story with the boy that doesn’t seem to lie.


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3 All the Days before Tomorrow

On iTunes at:

This is a love story, a love story that has been chopped up from meeting, to falling in love, to complications. Then, someone took all those linear events, jumbled them into a hat and threw all the scenes together without giving you any clue as to where you are in time. It’s a complicated story that will had me wiping my eyes a few more times than I cared to admit.

4 Wristcutters, a Love Story

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As the title may suggest, this is the story of what happens after you kill yourself. I personally find the first scene of the movie the saddest but the whole movie is very interesting. It’s a story that I had never seen captured before and in all honesty the characters worm their way into your heart and just keep worming. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry... and then you’ll cry some more.

5 The Virgin Suicides

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I promise, this isn’t a theme for every movie but I found this movie so incredibly sad. Without telling you everything about the movie, I will say that I can’t imagine what it would be like to be the parents. It’s a compelling story and you’ll find yourself connecting with almost every character.

6 A Very Long Engagement

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I have a very soft spot for the actress that plays the lead in this movie and her character hits every mark for me. She’s a young woman in love and her fiancé is missing in action. This is basically the story of her doing everything in her (limited) power to try to find him. The story of every person that she meets is enough to make you grab a box of tissues, but it’s the ending that gets me every time.

7 Blue Valentine

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I don’t know if a movie starring Ryan Gosling will ever be considered indie, but this one is definitely different. It’s the story of two young people falling in love and then you get to watch their relationship wither away. The whole movie had me in tears, some happy, some not so happy.

Well, these are the movies that draw the tears right outta me. What movies do you watch that make you cry? Let me know down below!

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