7 Things That Are Oh-so-Wrong with Chick Flicks ...

As much as I love watching chick flicks, there are tons of undeniable things that are wrong with chick flicks. From the way women are portrayed to the role men have in the lives of main characters, Hollywood has created a flawed recipe for a chick flick. Over and over again, the same flaws are seen in some of my favorite movies. And while they are great entertainment, the things that are wrong with chick flicks need to be brought to our attention.

1. There is Always a Grand Gesture

Of all of the things that are wrong with chick flicks, this annoys me the most. In every chick flick, the guy comes riding in on a white horse or limo and has some grand gesture to profess his love to the girl. That doesn’t happen in real life. It is just so unrealistic. And the worst part is that it makes girls think that guys in real life should profess their love with some choreographed flash mob and pyrotechnics, which is most likely never going to happen.