7 Terrible Movie Wives Who Give Marriage a Bad Name ...

Views of marriage are changing, although Hollywood has been presenting us with some terrible movie wives for quite a while now. While it’s not nice for women to be portrayed in such a light, these wives can make us feel better about our own flaws and relationship troubles, so here are some terrible movie wives who give marriage a bad name.

1. Jenny in Forrest Gump

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Everyone who has seen this movie must have been secretly willing them to get together, but childhood friendship did not blossom into romance. Jenny makes the list of terrible movie wives, despite the fact that she spends very little time as a wife, because she drifts in and out of Forrest’s life for many years. After constantly rejecting him for strings of useless and thuggish men, she comes crawling back when Forrest has made his fortune, she’s destroyed her life, and has a son to take care of (that she conveniently claims is Forrest’s). Then, shortly after their marriage, she leaves him forever, dying of what we assume to be AIDS. (There’s a very subtle sub plot that her father may have abused Jenny but we’re not really sure.)

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