7 Awesome Movies Starring Zac Efron ...


7 Awesome Movies Starring Zac Efron ...
7 Awesome Movies Starring Zac Efron ...

Movies starring Zac Efron have always been some of my all-time favorites! Ever since I saw High School Musical when I was a kid, I have been obsessed with movies starring Zac Efron. When they start early, breaking out of the “young” stereotype can sometimes be difficult for actors to pull off. However, Zac Efron seemed to transition from safe Disney movies to sexy and mature films flawlessly. Plus, I still like some of his older movies too! Here are some of the best movies starring Zac Efron!

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The Lucky One


Oh my goodness…speaking of sexy and mature…The Lucky One is definitely one of my favorite movies starring Zac Efron. In this intense love story based off of Nicholas Spark‘s novel, Efron plays the war-torn marine veteran Logan, who falls into a difficult but passionate relationship with worn-out mother Beth, played by Taylor Schilling. Their relationship begins simply because of a found picture that led the two lovers together, but blossoms into a powerful force. These two lovers brought together by fate manage to climb over each new difficulty together. If this doesn’t convince you to watch this amazing movie, then a scene with Zac Efron in nothing but his underwear just might! Definitely one of my favorites!


The Paperboy


In this film based off of the novel by Pete Dexter, Zac Efron plays Jack Jansen, known as the paperboy, who attempts to help his brother prove the innocence of a man on death-row named Van Wetter. On the way, Jack falls for the supposed criminal’s lover, Charlotte, who eventually feels the same. I thought I was going to love this movie just because Zac Efron was in it, but I found out that I loved it so much because it really is a beautiful story! Having Zac Efron as one of the stars was definitely a perk though!


17 Again


Ahhh, 17 Again… what an awesome movie! I remember when I first happened to come across this movie a few years back and popped it in the DVD player for the first time and fell completely in love with Zac Efron! Other than High School Musical, this was definitely one of Zac Efron’s movies that caused a flood of hormonal, love-struck, teenage girls to come out of nowhere! (Including myself!) Other than Efron’s looks momentarily stunning me, I really enjoyed the creative plot line in which his character, Mike O’Donnell, gets to relive his high school experience in order to “get it right.” Along with some pretty surprising plot twists along the way, 17 Again is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies starring Zac Efron of all time!


Charlie St. Cloud


Although this is definitely one of my favorite Zac Efron movies, it is also the saddest! I can’t help but tear up every time Charlie’s brother Sam tragically dies in the beginning. However, tearjerkers can sometimes be some of the greatest movies ever! The devotion and sacrifices that Charlie makes throughout the movie to be with his little brother are just so heart warming and sincere! It is way too easy to see Efron's sensitive side in this heart-breaker!




This classic "musical" movie was definitely a crowd pleaser when it first came out in 2007 and I still hear about it to this day! Because I was a young teen when it first came out, I saw Zac Efron's character Link, and I fell in love just like Tracy did! But other than Zac Efron's character, the overall equality message of the movie always stuck with me. A great classic to watch if you love music!


High School Musical


Possibly one of Efron’s best known kids’ films, High School Musical and the two sequels that this hottie also stars in follow the paths of Troy Bolton and his true love Gabriella Montez through their high school experiences of music, sports, and academics. I’m sure I wasn’t the only young teenage girl who swooned over his fun-loving, protective character! This was definitely one of my favorite movies when I was a kid!


New Year’s Eve


This Zac Efron romance movie may just seem like another chick-flick that's like all the rest, but don't write this love story off your "movies-to-watch" list just yet! Even though the story is basically all about love, there are a lot of interesting twists and turns that somehow all come together and make sense in the end! Plus Zac Efron and Ashton Kutcher, two very gorgeous men, are on the same screen together! Just a little icing on the cake!

Besides being absolutely gorgeous and loved by many adoring girls, I have always considered Zac Efron a phenomenal actor! From the star of a high school musical to the hunky lover of a lucky one, Zac Efron definitely grew into an amazing actor with time and has been one of my favorites for years! What other movies starring Zac Efron do you love? Was one of your favorites listed?

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I read The Lucky One after finding out he was going to star as Logan,but although I couldn\'t see him as a vet,I enjoyed the movie overall (just thinking it would\'ve been better if thru waited a few years but oh well)

If they*

I think he was really good in charlie st cloud, and 17 again was a fun movie :)

Hez mine also fav really in hsm he rocks hez da best actor in da world for meh

Zac Efroy is one sexy guy.

I'm sorry but I don't like high school musical he is awesome though

I think he's gorgeous & I'm old enough to be his "aunt." In 17 Again, he melts me with those dreamy blue eyes!

I've seen all of them except for Paperboy.... Ill get right on it

Haha I think those are the only movies he has been in :P lol not much to pick from.. Don't get me wrong love him... But he hasn't done much.

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