13 Best TV Series on Netflix You've Gotta Watch ...

The Best TV Series on Netflix can be hard to find since there are so many different options. That is why I have created a list of my 7 favorites that I think you will enjoy too. So the next time you're looking for a new series to start, give one of these a try!

1. Nip/Tuck

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Nip/Tuck takes the #1 spot on my Best TV Series on Netflix list because it contains every type of entertainment. There is drama, horror, comedy, mystery, romance, and satire. The main characters, plastic surgeons Dr. Sean McNamara and Dr. Christian Troy, are polar opposites of each other but are both likable in their own ways. Their relationship is what makes the show! My favorite part about this series is that each episode gets more twisted. There are plenty of lies and deceit which can alter how you feel about all the characters at different points throughout the series. Nip/Tuck won a Golden Globe for Best Television Drama Series in 2005. This is one crazy show you have got to watch to believe!

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