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7 Action Movie Clichs That Would Be Fun to Live out ...

By Holly

The same action movie clichés that can make a film boring and predictable would be exciting to try out yourself. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live the life of a hero? You’d get to go on incredible adventures and act like a badass, while not having to worry, because you’re indestructible. These action movie clichés might make you roll your eyes when they appear on screen, but they’d be pretty awesome to live out.

1 Vroom Vroom

We can’t discuss action movie clichés without bringing up old fashion car chases. How exhilarating would it be to swerve through traffic, scare off pedestrians, and jump over conveniently placed ramps without getting harmed? There’s no need to look at the road, so you might as well stick your upper body out of the window and shoot at the bad guys behind you. Don’t worry, no matter how many dangerous things you do, you won’t die on your adventure. You need to be alive for the sequel.

2 Explosion without Emotion

Your lifelong goal was to destroy a brick building filled with criminals, but once you blow it up, you don’t bother to look back at your handiwork. Instead you walk away slowly, miraculously not getting hit by debris or coughing from the smoke. Chances are you have one or two friends alongside you that are looking just as stern as you. Why should any of you be upset? You did what you had to do.


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3 Hands Are Tied

You’re bound in a chair with your wrists in ropes, but you manage to cut yourself free with the knife your love interest slipped you. With superhuman strength, you jump up and attack the bad guy totally unexpectedly. You’ll struggle for a bit, but none of his punches will ruin your screen worthy face. You’ll kill him, but not before you deliver some lines about how he doesn’t deserve to live and that you’re glad you’re the one who gets to murder him. Or maybe you’ll just leave him with a warning and the whole scenario will repeat itself during the next film.

4 Jump on It

The city streets are too crowded for you to make your way across town. Jumping from roof to roof is much more practical, especially when you’re chasing or being chased. The buildings always start out close together, but the distance will gradually increase. You’ll eventually come to a gap that no human would be able to make across, but you pause, take a deep breath, and do it anyway. One would think a hard impact against cement would be crippling, but you’ll get right back up without a word of complaint.

5 Relationship Jip

Chick flicks aren’t the only movies that end with happily ever afters. Action heroes can desert their families to go on missions that are likely to get them killed. When they succeed in the end, they’ll claim that they did it to keep their loved ones safe. Their spouse and kids won’t have a chance to be angry because they’re too busy hugging the hero and saying, “Thank God you’re safe. Don’t you ever worry me like that again.”

6 Chatterer

Wouldn’t it be lucky if the person pointing a gun on your head was a chatterbox? A villain who doesn’t know when to shut up will buy you time and allow you to think up an escape plan. If you don’t come up with one, your friends will arrive shortly to save the day. Once you get away, you’ll know exactly how to defeat the bad guy because he gave away all of his secrets in his speech. Oopsie.

7 Hit the Lights

Who cares how far technology has taken us? All you need is a little spray from a tiny can and poof — all of the lasers connected to the bank’s alarm system are visible. You get to show off your flexibility by stepping through and ducking around the lights. Once you make it through, you’ll be rewarded with a great treasure. It’s as simple as that.

Even if action films aren’t your favorite, I’m sure you’ve seen all of these scenes at least once. Which is your favorite dramatic moment? What would you like to live out (if safety wasn't an issue)?

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