7 Thrilling Car Chases in the Movies ...

I find it so sexist – as I’m sure you do - when people say women can’t enjoy car chases in the movies. We can all appreciate the thrill of speed and skilful driving as much as any man! And when a car chase is an essential sequence in a movie how can we not appreciate it? Here’s a pick of some of the best car chases in the movies.

Warning – contains spoilers

1. The Matrix Reloaded


This one hits the top spot because it has the best car chase scene of all time. The production company smashed almost thirty cars to get this scene right, and they did a fantastic job. Morpheus and Trinity are trying to outrun agents. They start in a car and are hounded on all sides, and from the inside. Trinity is forced onto a motorcycle and has to choose between a bullet in her guts or weaving between oncoming traffic. Then the coup de grace - they are stuck on top of two lorries going head-to-head. It just doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to car chases in the movies.