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There are some movies that just naturally lend themselves to becoming TV series. Others – meh! But they still get small screen treatment anyway – some are successful, others should have stayed on the cutting room floor. Let’s have a scooch through some movies that became a TV series and then you can tell me whether you thought they were a success or not.

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The 1995 classic Clueless was an instant hit, thanks to the impeccable performances of Alicia Silverstone, Brittany Murphy, and Stacey Dash as Beverly Hills high school students. The film was, and still is, one perfect way to have a glimpse of teen life in the 90s. This chick-flick was remade into a TV series a year after its release. The TV series had the same cast except for Alicia Silverstone who was replaced by Rachel Blanchard. The show wasn't a flop, but it was a pale imitation of the original.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Joss Whedon was the creator of 'Buffy' and brought this character to life in 1992. Kirsty Swanson and the Beverly Hills 90210's star Luke Perry headed the cast, along with Donald Sutherland and were joined by david Arquette and Hilary Swank in their early film roles. The film was a flop, but it was enough to inspire the creators to give the idea another stab – this time through a TV series that ran for seven seasons. The series, with a mix of comedy, horror, and drama made Sarah Michelle Gellar a star and Buffy a kick-ass icon. Long live Buffy!


Honey I Shrunk the Kids

This 1989's family comedy follows the mishaps of a bumbling scientist dad – magnificently played by Rick Moranis - who ends up shrinking his kids to the size of insects. It was a huge hit for Disney and spawned a spinoff TV series in 1997 that stayed on-air through 2000.



At first, it seemed sacrilege to remake the Coen Brothers' brilliant 1966 dark-comedy 'Fargo'. However, it was all justified when the 2014 series became a hit, not only with fans and critics but with the Coens as well. The series maintained a darkly comedic tone and featured excellent performances from Billy Bob, Martin Freeman, and Colin Hanks. It's one of the best movies that became a TV series, and the good news is that another season is in the pipeline.


The Terminator/the Sarah Connor Chronicles

Set in the post-apocalyptic year 2029, this sci-fi classic propelled Arnold Schwarzenegger to global superstardom. With high cryptic shades, choppy hair, and stylish leather ensemble, he really looked like the Hulk gone punk. This James Cameron masterpiece spawned a legacy, including a TV spinoff that continued for two seasons.



This 1986 film with Sean Connery and Christopher Lambert wasn't received well at the time of its release, but it became a cult-favorite over time. Lambert, with his broken nose, beetle brow, and vaguely crossed eyes was an amiable oddball presence, and Connery radiated charm in a bit as a seasoned immortal who taught Lambert the rules of the game. The movie got a spinoff in 1992, and even though the series wasn't the greatest hit of all time, it enjoyed reasonable success and ran for six seasons until 1997.


Soul Food

The original movie was about the life of an extended African-American Chicago-based family recalled perfectly through the eyes of young narrator Ahmad, played by Brandon Hammond. This 1997 hit enjoyed a remake as a TV series less than a decade after its release. The series was an instant hit, and is still one of TV's longest-running dramas with a predominant African-American cast. The series ended up receiving the NAACP Image Awards.



The movie has to be there in the list of movies that became a TV series because not many movies can take you in a barbershop in Chicago and highlight a series of events in a highly comical way. This 2002 flick headed by rapper Ice Cube was turned into a TV series starring Omar Gooding in 2005.


Teen Wolf

Released in 1985, Teen Wolf is a family-friendly cult classic with modest comedy guided by Michael J. Fox's quality performance as the titular beast. The film was remade in 2011 as a TV series – it featured buff shirtless lads and a teen who became a werewolf. It is said that the series is only "loosely inspired" by the original movie, but it has become a huge success and has already been commissioned for a new season.

So ladies, what are your favorite movies that became TV series and which do you think should have been made but haven’t?

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But then again, the original cast were golden & irreplaceable.

I loved watching Honey I Shrunk The Kids tv series on the Disney channel when I was a kid.

They've made 12 monkeys also into a movie this year. And so far it looks promising

The movie '10 things I hate about you' was transformed into a TV series - only the father figure remained & the series was a complete flop...

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