10 Fantastic TV Series Based on Books ...


10 Fantastic TV Series Based on Books ...
10 Fantastic TV Series Based on Books ...

TV series based on books are plentiful, given that books provide ample source material for TV companies looking for inspiration. The only problem with TV series based on books is that some fans of the books are bound to complain that the televised version is not faithful to its ?parent?. However, viewers can enjoy the series in their own right, and then read the books if they choose to. Here are some fantastic TV series based on books …

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Price: $33.99 at amazon.com
Even those who would not normally consider themselves a fan of the fantasy genre may enjoy this TV series based on books by George R.R. Martin. The fantasy element is not too extreme, with special effects being far less present than is common. Although it?s set in a fictional world, the word ?fantastic? is best applied here to the performance of Peter Dinklage. Don?t miss.


The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Price: $19.47 at amazon.com
Technically this is based on a graphic novel, but let?s not nitpick. It?s rare to see a topic like the zombie holocaust on TV, and as a fan of the genre this series has not disappointed me. Some criticise the second series for its slow pace, but there are still enough zombie/human deaths to keep fans happy, plus a couple of truly shocking moments. Really, though, it?s about the breakdown of civilisation and the struggle to survive.


Little House on the Prairie

Little House on the Prairie Price: $18.67 at amazon.com
If you want some nice, wholesome family viewing (say Granny?s coming to stay, and you want to keep her quiet entertained) then this pioneer series will suffice. It has been hinted that the books on which the series was based are not quite as true to life as they were made out to be, but the series does have a nice hissable mini-villain in the shape of the spoiled Nellie.


The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone Price: $7.99 at amazon.com
There are good films and TV series based on books by Stephen King, and there are bad adaptations. The 1983 film with Christopher Walken was one of the former, and so is this TV series based on the same book. Pity the hapless hero, who wakes up from a lengthy coma with the ?gift? of psychic visions …


Sharpe?s Complete Collection

Sharpe?s Complete Collection Price: $200.02 at amazon.com
US moviegoers may think that Sean Bean only does Hollywood-style Brit villains, but he?s actually got a pretty solid TV career behind him in the UK. Long before Game of Thrones, he played the dashing soldier Sharpe in a seemingly endless series of books (and therefore adaptations). Good action entertainment.


Day of the Triffids

Day of the Triffids Price: $15.49 at amazon.com
Imagine you and most of the population have been struck blind. Then as if that wasn?t bad enough, giant carnivorous plants are on the loose. Yes, they?re mobile. This might all sound preposterous, but again the theme is really about how people survive the loss of civilisation and their familiar lives. Author John Wyndham wrote some pretty amazing science fiction, so do check out his work.


Inspector Morse

Inspector Morse Price: $349.99 at amazon.com
Lots of books here, and lots of adaptations, hence the rather massive price tag for this collection. One of the better TV detectives, the permanently grumpy Morse stomped around Oxford, solving its apparently disproportionately high murder rate and shouting at his inexplicably adoring sergeant.



Cadfael Price: $63.49 at amazon.com
This was one of my favourite TV series based on books. It?s another detective story, but this time with a twist. Cadfael is probably where the genre of historical detective fiction began. The title character is a monk who is basically a 12th-century version of CSI (Brother Cadfael can solve a murder by looking at a blade of grass and a sound knowledge of herbal medicine).


The Saint

The Saint From $12.89 at amazon.com

I rather enjoyed the 70s version with Ian Ogilvy, but that isn?t widely available. The Saint is a wealthy and somewhat mischievous character who frequently clashes with the law but always emerges with a debonair quip and the mystery solved. Less than serious, but very entertaining.



Poldark Price: $61.49 at amazon.com
If you?re a sucker for a historical drama, you should get hold of this series which is bursting with brooding men, unsuitable love affairs, feuding families and heaving bosoms. It was made in the 70s, which itself is probably a historical era to most of you, but since it was set in the 18th century that doesn?t really matter.

If you haven?t seen these TV series based on books yet, then why not pick your favourite genre and choose one of them. There?s something for every taste, be it crime, drama or mystery. Plus the bonus is that you can check out the books as well; the adaptations may not be exact copies, but that isn?t really possible. What is your favourite TV series based on books?

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