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Great Movie Kisses - Part I ...

By Neecey

A movie kiss will make us go aww. It might make us go eww. A great movie kiss draws us in and makes us hold our breath. Were we expecting it? Yes or no, either way a movie kiss can help us enjoy a movie more because a whole plot can live or die by the meeting of two pairs of lips. Ready to relive some great movie kisses?

Table of contents:

  1. Ron and hermione, "the deathly hallows part ii"
  2. Tris and tobias, "divergent"
  3. Rhett and scarlett, "gone with the wind"
  4. Cinderella and prince charming, "cinderella"
  5. Jack and rose, "titanic"
  6. Samantha and jake, "sixteen candles"
  7. Humphrey bogart and audrey hepburn, "sabrina"
  8. Aladdin and jasmine, "aladdin"
  9. Andi and blane, "pretty in pink"
  10. Allie and noah, "the notebook"
  11. John wayne and maureen o'hara, "the quiet man"
  12. Snow white and prince "snow white and the seven dwarfs"
  13. Lady and tramp, "the lady and the tramp"
  14. Rapunzel and flynn, "tangled"
  15. Harry and sally, "when harry met sally"
  16. Aragorn & arwen, "lord of the rings: return of the king"
  17. Newland and ellen, "the age of innocence"
  18. Sally and jack, "the nightmare before christmas"
  19. Will and viola, "shakespeare in love"
  20. Tony and maria, "west side story"
  21. Anya and dimitri,"anastasia"
  22. Maria and the captain, "the sound of music"
  23. Peter and mary-jane, "spider-man"
  24. Mia and michael, "the princess diaries"
  25. Holly and paul, "breakfast at tiffany's"
  26. Thomas j and veda, "my girl"
  27. Juliet and romeo, "romeo and juliet"
  28. E.t. and gertie, "e.t. the extra-terrestrial"
  29. Janie and patch, "dancing lady"
  30. John and frances, "to catch a thief"
  31. Quincy and monica, "love and basketball"
  32. Jamal and latika, "slumdog millionaire"
  33. Bella and edward, "twilight"
  34. George and lucy, "a room with a view"
  35. Kelly and suze, "wild things"
  36. Elizabeth and mr. darcy, "pride and prejudice"
  37. Paige and leo, "the vow"
  38. L.b. and lisa, "rear window"
  39. John and jane, "mr. and mrs. smith"
  40. Vivian and edward, "pretty woman"
  41. Milton and karen, "from here to eternity"
  42. Mina and dracula, "bram stoker's dracula"
  43. James and tatiana , "from russia with love"
  44. The princess and westley, "the princess bride"
  45. Clementine & joel, "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind"
  46. Cecilia and robbie, "atonement"
  47. The beast and belle, "beauty and the beast"
  48. Rick and ilsa, "casablanca"
  49. Juliet and romeo, "romeo and juliet"
  50. Bridget and mark, "bridget jones's diary"

1 Ron and Hermione, "the Deathly Hallows Part II"


2 Tris and Tobias, "Divergent"

Via The Final "Divergent" Trailer Will ...

3 Rhett and Scarlett, "Gone with the Wind"

Via Gone With The Wind gets ...

4 Cinderella and Prince Charming, "Cinderella"

Via 16 Disney Quotes That Will ...

5 Jack and Rose, "Titanic"

Via Twenty-Five Period Dramas That Make ...

6 Samantha and Jake, "Sixteen Candles"

Via So I can kiss you ...

7 Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, "Sabrina"

Via Cocktails for Beginners: 9 Cocktail ...

8 Aladdin and Jasmine, "Aladdin"

Via The Art of Disney • ...

9 Andi and Blane, "Pretty in Pink"

Via Sunshine and pearls

10 Allie and Noah, "the Notebook"

Via Log in | Tumblr

11 John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, "the Quiet Man"

Via a dame like me

12 Snow White and Prince "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Via Snow White and the Seven ...

13 Lady and Tramp, "the Lady and the Tramp"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

14 Rapunzel and Flynn, "Tangled"

Via Mickey89Eli (Elisa) - DeviantArt

15 Harry and Sally, "when Harry Met Sally"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

16 Aragorn & Arwen, "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King"

Via Aragorn and Arwen

17 Newland and Ellen, "the Age of Innocence"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

18 Sally and Jack, "the Nightmare before Christmas"

Via Lumos

19 Will and Viola, "Shakespeare in Love"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

20 Tony and Maria, "West Side Story"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

21 Anya and Dimitri,"Anastasia"

Via 25 Reasons "Anastasia" Is The ...

22 Maria and the Captain, "the Sound of Music"

Via The Sound of Music (1965) ...

23 Peter and Mary-Jane, "spider-Man"

Via Ruffles and Pleats

24 Mia and Michael, "the Princess Diaries"

Via • cute anne hathaway The ...

25 Holly and Paul, "Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Via a dame like me

26 Thomas J and Veda, "My Girl"

Via Coffee Talk: First Kiss

27 Juliet and Romeo, "Romeo and Juliet"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

28 E.T. and Gertie, "E.T. the Extra-terrestrial"

Via El pasado de Drew Barrymore

29 Janie and Patch, "Dancing Lady"

Via Joan Crawford

30 John and Frances, "to Catch a Thief"

Via Follow The Nifty Fifties

31 Quincy and Monica, "Love and Basketball"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

32 Jamal and Latika, "Slumdog Millionaire"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

33 Bella and Edward, "Twilight"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

34 George and Lucy, "a Room with a View"

Via Entertainment Weekly's | Entertainment ...

35 Kelly and Suze, "Wild Things"

Via 50 Best Movie Kisses

36 Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, "Pride and Prejudice"

Via Pemberley state of mind : ...

37 Paige and Leo, "the Vow"

Via The Best Movie Kisses of ...

38 L.B. and Lisa, "Rear Window"

Via Old Hollywood

39 John and Jane, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

40 Vivian and Edward, "Pretty Woman"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

41 Milton and Karen, "from Here to Eternity"

Via Cinema

42 Mina and Dracula, "Bram Stoker's Dracula"

Via Blue Ruins

43 James and Tatiana , "from Russia with Love"

Via 50 Best Movie Kisses

44 The Princess and Westley, "the Princess Bride"

Via The 25 Most Iconic Movie ...

45 Clementine & Joel, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

Via Clementine & Joel, Eternal Sunshine ...

46 Cecilia and Robbie, "Atonement"

Via 50 Best Movie Kisses

47 The Beast and Belle, "Beauty and the Beast"


49 Rick and Ilsa, "Casablanca"

Via We Had Faces Then

50 Juliet and Romeo, "Romeo and Juliet"

Via The Best Movie Kisses of ...

51 Bridget and Mark, "Bridget Jones's Diary"


So that's the first 51. Your favorite not here? Not to worry, see if it's in the next 50 - coming tomorrow!

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