8 Best TV Show First Kisses ...

By Lauren

First kisses with anyone can either be amazingly romantic or completely awkward, so TV show first kisses aren't any different. Some can catch you by surprise or have you waiting on the edge of your seat until it finally happens. Either way, first kisses on our favorite TV shows definitely make us all feel giddy! So lets relive our favorite romantic moments with these 7 best TV show first kisses!

1 Nick & Jess

The first on this list of best TV show first kisses has to be the one that prompted me to write this article in the first place! Nick & Jess finally kissed in the second season of 'New Girl' and it was not at all disappointing! The entire episode revolved around Nick & Jess being forced to kiss because of a game they were playing. When they were forced by their friends to go in the back and do it, Nick said, "No, not like this!" which hinted that he had feelings for Jess. At the very end of the episode, Nick surprised us all by grabbing Jess by the arm and passionately kissing her. Then walked away from her like it was no big deal. Left me speechless for a few minutes after the episode ended. Now that's a kiss!

2 Ross & Rachel

Of course Ross and Rachel from 'Friends' are going to be on this list! It may have happened back in 1995 but I still get giddy when I see a re-run of the episode on TV. Ross had loved Rachel ever since he met her and now she finally felt the same about him. Their fight turned into a passionate kiss out in the rain and it was perfect. However, things ended up going sour pretty quickly between them and they didn't end up dating. Soon after though, Rachel saw a video of Ross doing something for her in High School that she never knew about that made all of our hearts break. She then unexpectedly kisses him in front of all their friends and they are finally together! Both kisses were amazing and memorable.

3 Pam & Jim

Fun fact, but this is probably the only kiss I've ever seen on TV that actually made me cry! I think that I love Jim and Pam from 'The Office' a little more than any other TV couple simply for the fact that they are so normal and their relationship was realistic. Plus, I met my current boyfriend at work and we were friends for a year before getting together so they are probably the most relatable to my life. Jim is such a nice guy that when he tells Pam how he feels and gets shut down, I just want to jump through the TV to give him a hug. But then later on, he just goes for it and kisses Pam in the office. It was passionate and unexpected, which I think are the two winning factors of a great TV kiss!

4 Chuck & Blair

Of the first TV kisses on this list, I have to say that Chuck and Blair's from 'Gossip Girl' was the hottest! Chuck and Blair hated each other all the way up to their unexpected limo hook up so it was definitely shocking to say the least. Plus, Blair was dating Chuck's best friend, which made the whole situation even more scandalous. Blair was feeling rejected by her boyfriend and un-sexy but Chuck legitimately made her feel like the most gorgeous girl in the room that night and she ended up kissing him for it. From that point on, I was always routing for Chuck and Blair to end up together!

5 Kurt & Blaine

This is definitely one of the best first kisses on 'Glee' because we all were so thankful that Blaine finally shared the same feelings Kurt had towards him. The classic story of two great friends who end up falling for each other. The pure happiness on Kurt's face during this kiss makes it that much more romantic and special.

6 Jeff & Annie

This kiss from 'Community' was absolutely adorable. Plus it took place in the perfect setting with string lights hanging around them! Jeff had always acted like a "big brother" to Annie and always tried to protect her. We knew something else was going on but weren't sure if either of them would act on it. It was cute because the kiss started with just a slight peck, and then Jeff went in and grabbed Annie to kiss her again but much more passionately.

7 Eric & Sookie

I'm a sucker for Eric Northman from 'True Blood.' He's just so dark and mysterious that it makes him even sexier than he already is. He had been wanting Sookie for so long and she had been secretly wanting him as well. When Eric thought he was going to meet the "true death," he decided to just go for it with Sookie and kiss her as he had nothing to lose. Sookie tries to fight it at first, but then falls into the kiss and realizes her feelings for Eric. The whole kissing scene is really hot and exciting all at once!

8 Damon & Elena

This may not be the most passionate of first kisses, but this 'Vampire Diaries' kiss is definitely a powerful one. I mean, how could you not kiss a hottie like Damon on their "death bed" saying the sweetest things to you? Especially when that hottie is usually such a bad boy! Not all first kisses on TV have to be hot and heavy for them to be good.

Hopefully you agree with my list of best TV show first kisses and enjoyed looking back at them! There's nothing better than a good love story and thus why the first kiss in a show is so exciting. What is your favorite TV show first kiss?

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