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Calling All Game of Thrones Fans Peter Dinklage Movies You Need to See ...

By Alison

Pretty much everyone who watches Game of Thrones agrees that Peter Dinklage is the most awesome thing about it. He's so good as Tyrion Lannister that the series wouldn't be the same without him. But he has an impressive CV behind him, and has appeared in some excellent movies. So if you've only seen him in Game of Thrones, here are some of his movie and TV roles that you need to see …

1 The Station Agent

You probably haven't even heard of The Station Agent, which is one of those movies that didn't get huge publicity. That's because it's one of the rare movies that focuses on characters rather than CGI and action. It's the story of a man who seeks solitude, but finds that his new neighbors are determined to make friends with him. The movie shows the value of friendship but avoids being annoyingly twee.

2 Elf

Will Ferrell may be the nominal star of Elf, but of course he's not the best thing in it (that's bound to happen when you share the screen with Peter Dinklage). One of the funniest scenes ever has to be an irate Peter beating up Ferrell after Ferrell calls him an elf.


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3 Threshold

This sci-fi series only made it to one season, which is a pity seeing as it was rather good. Once again it's Mr Dinklage who walks away with the show. He plays a linguistic and mathematical genius who is co-opted into a team of experts gathered to investigate the appearance of a mysterious entity, seemingly of extra-terrestrial origin …

4 Pete Smalls is Dead

If you're in the mood for a quirky, dark comedy, then check out this movie, which also features Peter's Game of Thrones co-star Lena Headey. Plus you can see Steve Buscemi in the strangest wig ever seen on screen, and Tim Roth as the titular character. It's one of those odd little films that could easily become a cult classic if more people knew about it.

5 Living in Oblivion

Do you enjoy movies about making a movie? Then watch Living In Oblivion, Peter's first credited role. It features the trials and tribulations of a director (Steve Buscemi) trying to make an independent movie. Peter gets the chance to show why he's such a good actor, and isn't just cast because his height fits the role.

6 Surviving Eden

How would you deal with sudden fame via a reality show? Here's another strange and funny movie in which we see Peter turn his hand to a comic role, albeit of the droll kind. It's not one of his better-known role, but that's exactly why you should check it out - discover a gem that not many people know about.

7 13 Moons

Here's another quirky comedy featuring Peter and Steve Buscemi. It's definitely not a conventional movie, but if you appreciate something different from your average movie then give it a try. It's by the same director as Pete Smalls Is Dead, so if you like one you may well enjoy the other. And what's not to like about Buscemi and Dinklage playing clowns?

So check out these Peter Dinklage movies and discover some of his roles that preceded Tyrion Lannister. You're sure to enjoy them! Which other roles do you think he should have played?

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