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Your Guide to Christmas Horror Movies ...

By Jasmine

Christmas is a time to spend with family and friends around a tree filled with ornaments. It is a time to drink eggnog while listening to All I Want for Christmas is You. Christmas is also a great time to sit back and enjoy a really good horror movie. Here is a spoiler-free list of some classic Christmas horror movies that you should check out in December to get in the holiday spirit.

1 Black Christmas

The original film is a cult classic where a killer targets a house full of sorority sisters during the Christmas break. It was released in 1974 and it is considered one of the first slasher films. If you want a good laugh then also watch the 2006 remake which has nothing to do with the original film.

2 Jack Frost

This 1997 horror comedy film is not an acclaimed classic but it is entertaining and at times funny making it another cult classic. In this film, a serial killer is transported to his execution and an accident occurs during the trip that changes his fate in an unexpected way. And yes there is a sequel.

3 Silent Night, Deadly Night

Released in November 1984, this slasher focuses on a killer triggered by Christmas who takes the Naughty or Nice list too seriously. If you enjoy this film then you might check out the four sequels and possibly the remake.

4 Christmas Evil

The final film on this list was released in 1980 and is the least known film on this list. Christmas Evil tells the story of an unpopular worker at a toy factory who has an unnatural obsession with Santa and the holiday. Christmas Evil is a bit different from the previously mentioned films because it accurately displays the struggles of loneliness and trauma.

If you love a good horror film and you want to watch something a little scary or different during December then try one of the films on this list. If you have already seen them then give your opinions below. If horror films don’t interest you then comment below and share your favorite movie or movies to watch at this time of year.

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