13 Movies for Internet Addicts ...


13 Movies for Internet Addicts ...
13 Movies for Internet Addicts ...

So many of us love spending time online, and if you’re a real addict then you may enjoy watching movies about the Internet. Here are 13 movies for internet addicts that you should check out!

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The Social Network

This movie follows Mark Zuckerberg, the Harvard student who created the social networking site that sent the world crazy, and his journey in creating it. From being sued for supposedly stealing someone else’s idea, to being ditched by a co-founder, this film gives you the story behind the site, and the man that created it.


Released in 2010, The Social Network is a compelling drama that delves into the complexities of ambition and betrayal. Directed by David Fincher and penned by Aaron Sorkin, the film showcases riveting performances, particularly by Jesse Eisenberg as Zuckerberg. It deftly captures the rapid ascent of Facebook and raises questions about the morality and personal costs of groundbreaking innovation. With its sharp dialogue and fast-paced narrative, it's a must-see, painting a gritty picture of the challenges encountered on the path to redefining global communication.


Die Hard 4

Live Free or Die Hard sees the return of Bruce Willis as John McClane, joining forces with a young hacker to take down a mass cyber terrorist that has hacked into the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division computers. If you love action movies and the Internet, it doesn’t get much better than this.


The Net

This 1995 movie stars Sandra Bullock as a computer geek, living her life as a recluse with a work from home job. When all of the records of her identity are wiped by a criminal gang and replaced by a new identity with a criminal past, she must try to find someone who can vouch for her identity, while the gang tries to take her down: a difficult task when she has no friends and her mother has Alzheimer’s disease. Will she recover her identity and live to tell the tale?



Technically more about artificial intelligence than the internet, Spike Jonze’s Her is nonetheless a film inspired by it – imagining a futuristic world where a lonely man, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) falls in love with his operating system, Samantha (Scarlett Johansson). A genuinely heartfelt sci-fi love story that asks all the important questions about the world we live in – and how relationships are changing in a world where face-to-face communication is becoming less and less prevalent.


You’ve Got Mail

If you’re looking for something a little more light-hearted, look no further than this cute romantic comedy. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan star as business rivals who can’t stand each other in the office, but begin messaging online and fall in love. This is a film that could satisfy your internet addiction, but also keep a lady happy too!



This little-known Canadian film follows Simon, a young orphan, and a French assignment that gets out of hand. He weaves his family history into a news story about terrorism, and presents it to his class and, crucially, the online world, as if he really were the child in the story. Gripping stuff.



Hackers was initially seen as very cheesy on its release, but it was soon to become a cult film in the online community. The US Secret Service arrests a young boy for writing a computer virus and bans him from using computers until his 18th birthday. A few years on, the same boy and his friends discover a dangerous computer virus and must work fast to stop it being unleashed on the world, while avoiding the man behind the virus and the Secret Service.


We Live in Public

The only documentary to make the list, We Live in Public centers on the life of Josh Harris, the dot-com entrepreneur. Award-winning director Ondi Timoner documented the life of this “Warhol of the Web” for more than a decade, before releasing the film for the 40th anniversary of the Internet. We Live in Public is a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting the Internet take our lives, so expect to feel guilty.



This documentary follows, in almost real-time, Edward Snowden’s leaking of info on the NSA and the uncovering of his identity as he hides out at a hotel in Hong Kong. Perhaps the most intimate depiction of the moment a public figure changed the world ever put to screen, Citizenfour is an engrossing movie, the likes of which we could only have in the world we live in today.



If you’re looking for a movie that will really indulge your inner geek, AntiTrust is a great option. Genius programmer Milo Hoffman gets his first computer software job after graduating from Stamford, and on the surface, everything is looking great. However, his boss turns out to be an evil serial killer so it all gets pretty interesting.


The Matrix

There may be some debate about whether The Matrix is really about the Internet. But a virtual simulation of life set up to distract human beings sounds pretty Internet-like to me. It’s a love it or hate it film, but if you love it, you’ll have the sequels to look forward to.



This film shows a rather twisted side to humanity, but touches a nerve because we know deep down that some people really are capable of such things. An FBI agent must track down a serial killer who posts lives videos of his victims online. The more people that log on and watch, the quicker the person dies. And guess what? The site is untraceable.



Most cautionary films about the internet come off as fake or preachy, Disconnect is genuine in its attempts to warn us of the dangers of cyberbullying, anonymous chatrooms, and pornography. Disconnect really gets you thinking about how dependence on the net has changed the way we live our lives – and not always for the better.

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