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13 Top Movies about Online Dating That Will Make You Think ...

By Sici

Although online dating is probably the most prominent form of romantic connection in many parts of the world these days, it’s still a fairly recent phenomenon in terms of the history of cinema! That being said, that doesn't mean that Hollywood hasn’t already filled its boots with the theme! Fast becoming a mainstay plot point of romantic comedies, here the best movies about online dating!

1 Eurotrip

It is one of the silliest, raunchiest teen movies you will ever watch, but there is something undeniably fun about Eurotrip. The main concept revolves around communication between a guy and a girl he falls for online, except that he first knew her as ‘Mike’ and now has to travel around Europe to find the girl he originally thought was a guy!

2 Because I Said so

Diane Keaton plays a classic loving but interfering mother in this movie, creating an online dating profile for her daughter in an attempt to help her find true love. And is this plan of action successful? Well, you’ll have to watch the movie, of course!


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This is a really great low budget movie that is almost solely about the world of online dating. It fits the brief perfectly, and it’s nice to watch these smaller indie films as well as the big budget movies sometimes.

4 Must Love Dogs

If there is one combination that is going to make for a sure-fire girl’s night in flick, it is cute dogs and romantic comedy style dating! Thankfully, this fun film has both in abundance, plus great names like Diane Lane and John Cusack!

5 Trust

This is a quite disturbing movie as it shows the dangerous side of online dating in the extreme. A story how far grooming can go. It is rated R, so if you don’t want to see teen rape and violence, don’t watch it. If you have a teenage daughter, watch it with her! It’s a valuable lesson.

6 Sex Drive

This one pretty much does what it says on the tin. A high school senior takes his friends on a cross country road trip to meet up with a babe he’s been talking to online. Of course, there are plenty of high jinks to be had along the way!

7 Catfish

This is an absolutely stunning documentary that actually gives you an insight into the darker side of online dating, when people pretend to be other people, and huge lies become huge problems.

8 You’ve Got Mail

Maybe one of the first official online dating style films ever!? This 1998 Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks classic involves two business owners clashing heads via email, with their initial frosty relationship eventually melting into something warmer.

9 Wrong Swipe

This one is a nail-biting thriller about a woman whose sister sets up a dating profile for her, only for her to get caught up in a disturbing and dangerous interaction with a nearby match.

10 Napoleon Dynamite

This comedy classic might not be solely about online dating, but one of the key supporting characters has a lot to do with online dating and it becomes an integral part of his own side plot.

11 Hard Candy

Going back to the much darker side of the online experience, Hard Candy is an Ellen Page movie about a teenage girl who raids the home of a man who she believes to be an internet predator.

12 A Case of You

A fun rom-com about a writer who tries to impress a woman he falls for online with an embellished profile, only to find himself in a real mess when he can’t live up to his cyber hype in person!

13 Disconnect

This is a thought-provoking movie that centres around a group of people who are all trying to search for human connection in a modern world that is so dependent on the world wide web.

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