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With so many different amazing movies of 2013, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few, especially with a variety of genres to choose from! I would definitely consider myself a huge movie lover. I love every type of movie, from romantic comedies to horrors and thrillers! Here are my top seven favorite amazing movies of 2013 that you need to watch!

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The first of amazing movies of 2013 is The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Surprisingly, I did not watch the Hunger Games series until the second one came out this year. I was truly captivated throughout the entire movie, from start to finish! This is by far a must see series. The costumes, concept and makeup are one of a kind. Not to mention Jennifer Lawrence is an incredible actress and role model!


Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 is another must see of this year! What’s better than a movie with fast cars, great music and nonstop action? Not only is this a great series on its own, but I also recommend watching this to reminisce on Paul Walker’s amazing acting (may he RIP). It has been confirmed by Vin Diesel that the 7th Fast & Furious movie will be released in 2015.


Now You See Me

Now You See Me is another amazing thriller movie of 2013! The concept is so interesting, thrilling and exciting to watch. In the story line, four very intelligent characters decide to take magic to the next level. They then decide to use their magic to outsmart the law! This is definitely a must see!


This is the End

This Is the End is a fabulous comedy movie of 2013. The reason it is so funny is because it features nearly every comedian, well known actor and celebrity you can think of! The concept of this movie is so silly that you can’t help but laugh! Some might find this type of humor a little too crude, but I found the movie to be very entertaining.


After Earth

The father-son chemistry between Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith, never seems to fail in any movie they have filmed together. After Earth is a sci-fi, action-packed movie with an interesting concept. It will leave you at the edge of your seat, laughing and moved to tears all at once! This is a definite must see movie of this year!



Snitch is another movie expressing a great father-son relationship. A teenager is framed for being involved in selling drugs, and his father will do anything to save his son from jail. This movie will make you think about how far one would go to save and help family. Another great movie of this year.


Monsters University

Monsters University is a great family movie. It is actually a very inspiring story for all ages to watch. It is also really cool that the original movie, Monsters Inc., is over a decade old! It is interesting to compare the two movies. This is a fantastic movie to see with the family that is appropriate for all ages.

I hope you choose to watch my favorite amazing movies of 2013! There is nothing I love more than some popcorn and a good movie. What are some of your favorite movies from last year?

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I liked after earth I liked it bc I am a fantasy girl and it just made sense

This is the end and fast and thw furious should no be on this list... Frozen won a golden globe as did 12 Years A Slave... About Time was phenomenal and Thor 2 was great... Haven't seen American Hustle but it is supposed to be amazing

Fast and furious 6? Really? Out of the furnace and American hustle were amazing

After Earth sucks! I hated that movie. Almost fell asleep at the movie theatre...

Umm haha where is walking dead!!!! cx best. movie. evvverrr.

I loved "The call"

Captain Phillips... one of the best movie I've seen so far. Watched it for three times. Tom Hanks, in it's incredible role!

Frozen needs to be on this list!!

After Earth was one of the worst movies I've ever seen and Now You See Me was very bad. There were way better movies than the ones listed here. Maybe some golden globe winners would've been good too.

Monster university was kinda boring

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