7 Best Nicholas Sparks Inspired Movies ...

If you’re into romance and chick flicks, chances are you have seen a few Nicholas Sparks inspired movies and read his books. From Message in a Bottle to Safe Haven, his books and movies have moved us, inspired us, and broken our hearts. Nicholas Sparks inspired movies are classics that can be watched over and over again; I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched The Notebook and could probably watch it a few hundred more, rying each time!

1. Message in a Bottle

This Nicholas Sparks inspired movie was among his first, but wouldn’t be his last! The book was released in 1998 and the movie starring Kevin Costner and Robin Wright debuted in theaters the following year in 1999. Message in a Bottle was Nicholas Sparks’ second novel, but the first to inspire a movie adaptation. The story begins by Robin Wright’s character, Theresa, finding a bottle with a message in it written by Kevin Costner’s character, Garret, to his late wife. Theresa sets out to find Garret and well the love story that unfolds is one you just have to read or see to believe! This is a great one to watch and read as it was inspired by the love of Nicholas Sparks’ parents.