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7 Movies Starring Amanda Seyfried I Can't Get Enough of ...

By Vanessa

All movies starring Amanda Seyfried automatically make my list of favorite movies. I think she's an incredible actress/singer/human being. I'll admit, there's been nights where I binge-watch YouTube interviews of her. She's hilarious! I love how versatile her acting is, especially coming from Mean Girls. It's incredible how far she's come; she's becoming a household name and that makes me so happy! Check out the seven movies starring Amanda Seyfried that I just can't get enough of.

1 Les Miserables

This movie was truly fantastic. The acting, the singing, everything was A+! This was my favorite song/scene of the movie. It was also my most played song from the Les Mis soundtrack. I love the fact that the cast sang everything live when recording. They all sound fantastic. I love Amanda's high notes! It's very impressive. This tops my list of my favorite movies starring Amanda Seyfried.

2 Lovelace

A lot of people were hesitant about Amanda playing this role because it's the role of Linda Lovelace. Nobody was sure she'd pull it off, but she did. She did a fantastic job! It just goes to show how talented an actress she really is. The cast in this film was very impressive. I think the movie was great but I definitely feel like Amanda should've gotten more attention for it than she did.


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3 Gone

I loved this movie! It was really suspenseful and Amanda did a great job at playing the "crazy girl." She was really convincing! I loved that the movie didn't really end the way we expected it would. It just proves that everything that we want doesn't always happen. Her acting in this movie was really, really great. No complaints.

4 Dear John

There's no way this movie wouldn't make the list. I pretty much bawled like a baby just reading the book! I think that Amanda was fantastic as Savannah. I couldn't have pictured anyone else for the role! Not to mention that Amanda contributed to the movie's soundtrack with her single, "Little House." Her voice sounds so smooth and lulling. I'm glad she sang it in the movie. It added a lot to that scene.

5 Letters to Juliet

Amanda is fantastic in love movies. In "Letters to Juliet," she was incredible! I really loved the storyline and I loved that she played a romantic but still a strong woman. She pretty much lived out all our fantasies of visiting Italy. Wouldn't that have been an epic vacation?

6 Chloe

Not a lot of people have seen this movie, I think it's really underrated. The cast is fantastic! I mean, Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, and Julianne Moore?! It's perfect. Once again, Amanda really nailed the whole "crazy, disturbed" girl role. It just shows how versatile she really is. She really branches out into completely different roles and I admire that about her. She's not afraid to take risky roles.

7 Little Red Riding Hood

I think this movie was really well done. There was a major plot twist (won't say much about it in case you haven't seen it yet!) that was really exciting. I love Amanda's transformation in this movie. I also love that she contributed to the movie's soundtrack. I listen to her version of "Little Red Riding Hood" all the time!

There you have it! Amanda's been in a bunch of seriously great movies. I'm glad that she's on her way to becoming a household name. Which movie of hers is your favorite?

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