9 Great Leonardo DiCaprio Films That Are Addictive ...

My love for Leonardo DiCaprio films has been reignited this year. At the time of writing this, I am yet to see 'Wolf of Wall Street' but I am absolutely dying to. This love has come from The Great Gatsby. Over the course of his career, there has been many Leonardo DiCaprio films that are well worth a watch.

1. Titanic

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Of course, the most famous of all the Leonardo DiCaprio films is Titanic. Playing ill-fated Jack, he was destined to die of hypothermia after bravely giving up a floating plank of wood to Rose. Before his death, he saves her from suicide, teaches her how to spit, and makes an amazingly fast get away from a steamy sex session in a car. What makes us love Jack even more is the fact that Rose's fiance is an absolute douche. I was just 10 when this came out, so this was where my love for Leo began.

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