10 Awesome Brad Pitt Movies ...


10 Awesome Brad Pitt Movies ...
10 Awesome Brad Pitt Movies ...

Brad Pitt Movies are some of the best movies out there right ladies? I mean, throw Brad Pitt in anything and I'll watch it! This guy is not only hot, but he's a fantastic actor too. That's why I have to share my top 10 list of Brad Pitt movies! So ladies, whether you like him as Mr. Smith or dressed up in a little piece of linen in Troy, these are my top Brad Pitt movies that I could watch over and over again!

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith

This is where the magic of Brangie started! Mr. and Mrs. Smith is actually a really good movie too! The spark between the two of them and the chemistry that you see on the big screen is truly unmatched. I seriously could watch this Brad Pitt movie over and over again!


Fight Club

So I am a HUGE fan of the Fight Club book, but the movie? God, put Edward Norton and Brad Pitt in anything and you got my attention. I love the character Tyler and I love the story. It's by far one of my favorite movies and if you haven't seen, it – you HAVE to. Tonight. Seriously ladies!


Ocean's Movies

All of the ocean movies are awesome Brad Pitt movies! While I really like the first two, the other ones are not bad either. What's your favorite ladies? Have you seen 'em all?



This is an oldie but a goodie. It's a movie where Brad is still a young guy and his cluelessness is just priceless. I love the character that he plays and the ending is such a twist, you wouldn't expect it. Ladies, if you haven't seen it – beware, it's graphic and it's dark, but it's so, so good!


Meet Joe Black

I swear, this is one of those 90's movies that every single girl has seen. It might be really long, but it's so worth it to watch. Come on, throw Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins in the same movie? You know you got a winner! This is by far one of my favorite Brad Pitt movies of all time!


The Mexican

I actually love this movie – even if a lot of people didn't. It only got a 6 out of 10 stars but really, it's a cute movie. How can you go wrong with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts? They are epic together and this is such a cute little romantic comedy!


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

How could a Brad Pitt movies list be complete without adding on Benjamin Button? This movies is so unique, so different and so … worth watching. I've actually read the book (it's a short story ladies, you should read it!) and the movie does it more than justice. It's bizarre but in all of the right ways!


Inglourious Basterds

I actually loved this movie. While it might be controversial, it's definitely one of the top Brad Pitt movies that I can't watch enough! The acting is spectacular and the entire movie is just incredible. So ladies, have you seen Inglourious Basterds yet? If not, you should!



Now, I am not the hugest fan of Brad Pitt with long, long hair, but I think that this epic movie was incredible. Not only was Brad Pitt a headliner in it, but Orlando Bloom was also pretty awesome!


Interview with a Vampire

Finally, the Anne Rice novel that was a classic turned movie. Interview with a Vampire is one of those movies that you've probably seen when you were younger, but never thought twice about it right? Well, I've seen it recently and I appreciated it so much more! The quality of the acting that is in this movie is unmatched and I gotta say, this is absolutely one of my favorite Brad Pitt movies of all time!

Brad Pitt is one of those actors that can light up the big screen. For me, everything from Fight Club all the way to Interview with a Vampire are all my favs. So ladies, what Brad Pitt movies are your favorite? Do you think that I missed any Brad Pitt movies that you think should be listed? Come on, share!

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