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Paris movies should make the city come alive on screen. Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world and filmmakers know how to use this to their advantage. There are hundreds of movies shot in Paris but there are only some which really make you want to visit the places the characters fall in love in, have adventures and explore France’s capital city. Our 8 Movies That Will Make You Want to Visit Paris lists the best movies that feature the charm, beauty and liveliness of the French capital.

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Possibly one of the most famous French movies shot in Paris that and the one that put French sweetheart Audrey Tautou on the map. Tautou plays quirky yet adorable Amélie Poulin who deals with the difficulties in the quotidian by escaping into her fantastical and imaginative world which brings the beauty of Paris to life.


Julie & Julia

This movie is dedicated to not just cooking, not just French cooking but the French cooking of American chef Julia Childs. It follows the culinary journeys of Julia Childs and Julie Powell, an American blogger who sets herself the task of cooking all of the recipes in Childs’ book in a year. The movie skips between Julia’s life in Paris and Julie’s in a modern day New York.


Moulin Rouge!

One of Baz Luhrmann’s finest movies, starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman in the most romantic narrative about the Bohemian ethos of truth, beauty, freedom and most importantly of all, love. Moulin Rouge! is set in Paris when the Moulin Rouge was in its heyday – being the center of music, dancing and beautiful women to the audience’s eyes. This movie shot in Paris may tempt you to see a state of the art show at the Moulin Rouge.



This movie about rats is one of Pixar’s finest. Children and adult audiences alike follow the journey of Remy – a rat with a preternaturally sensitive nose that gives him a penchant for creating haute cuisine! Alongside sumptuous looking food, the movie artfully CGIs Paris at its best: with its city lights and Eiffel Tower glittering against a night’s sky, making it a Paris movie that makes you want to pack a bag and book a flight.


La Vie En Rose

A movie shot in Paris that examines the life of singer Edith Piaf, known as the Little Sparrow. It demonstrates the traumatic and troubled meaning behind the lyrics of one of her most famous songs, ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’, on top of a life riddled with alcohol, heartbreak and death of a child.


Midnight in Paris

A movie that encompasses some of the best sights in Paris through the vision of director Woody Allen, which will definitely make you want to visit the city. It stars Owen Wilson exploring the city with romantic walks, getting his character and the audience intimate with some of the loveliest places to fall in love in.


Before Sunset

This movie is the sequel to Before Sunrise, a 90s romance set in Vienna. It features Ethan Hawke as an American writer, Jesse, and Julie Delpy as a French activist, Celine. The two meet in Paris and attempt to rekindle the one-night relationship they had in Vienna whilst walking through some of Paris’ most charming cafes, gardens and river.


Paris Je T’aime

The movie’s premise: 20 filmmakers are given 5 minutes each to produce a narrative about Paris. Each mini-movie is part of an overarching narrative that expresses the joy of Paris and its status as the City of Love. This is one of the most memorable of movies shot in Paris as it examines the Parisian life that consists of an urban jungle, the City of Lights and nostalgic experiences.


Rush Hour 3

Ok I am going to seriously embarrass myself here but I just love Jackie Chan movies. The 3rd of the Rush hour movies is shot in Paris and between the martial arts action and the wisecracking there’s just enough of the city’s scenery on view to justify it being on the list of movies set in Paris. I’ll let you decide if it’s the best of the trilogy or not.

With the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower, the Moulin Rouge windmill, l’Arc de Triomphe and many other iconic sites, Paris is one of the most desired places to visit. Movies shot in Paris fuel this desire with their romantic stories, artful motion-photography and even CGI, transporting the viewer into France’s heart of culture, romance and cuisine. Do any of these 8 Movies shot in Paris Make You Want to Visit Paris?

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Monte Carlo featuring Selena Gomez is an AMAZING one too:) it made my heart soar:)

u forogt monte carlo best movie to inspire u to travel in paris

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