7 New European Movies to Definitely Watch ...


7 New European Movies to Definitely Watch ...
7 New European Movies to Definitely Watch ...

New European movies are either just out or scheduled to be soon, and I am so excited! I absolutely adore foreign films, with a particular penchant for European films from France, Italy, Russia, and Spain. There are tons of fantastic movies coming off the continent now, from comedies to dramas to documentaries. Here are some new foreign films coming out of Europe that I’ve really got my eye on; take a look and see if they excite you, too!

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This is a Swedish film, which did great at the Toronto Film Festive. It’s one of the new European movies I’m most looking forward to seeing. The main character, Janne, ends up on something of a life’s journey, caused by an unexpected accident, as such epiphanies usually are. I love movies like that, and so far this one seems like it will be incredible.



Suskind is a Dutch film, set in Amsterdam during World War II. It focuses on hero Walter Suskind, the very lively manager for a children’s home, who is trying to save young Jews from getting sent to the camps. The first time I read about the plot, it struck me as being a little like a Schindler’s List, but focused on the truly crimeless children who had to endure all of those atrocities.


Rust and Bone

This is one of the new foreign films from France, and I’m super excited about it. It actually stars Marion Cotillard, who’s making waves everywhere. The movie is actually based on a selection of short stories by Craig Davidson. If you’ve read his work, you know it’s going to be a dark, raw, gritty kind of film, and I bet anything that Jacques Audiard does it justice.



This German film illuminates the feelings of paranoia, tension, and distrust that pervaded the country during the 1980s. The film has premiered very well, even competing in this year’s International Berlin Film Festival. Christian Petzold directed this new European movie, and won the Silver Bear award for it!



Doodslag is another Dutch film, and although it’s technically a comedy, it focuses on something very important going on over there: the way ambulance attendees are treated. I’ve read about that and I got interested really quickly, so I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in this European film where an ambulance team finally decides to fight back against the system.


Io E Te

Meaning «Me and You,» this new European movie from Italy excites me a lot. It’s Bertolucci’s first movie in ten years. He’s one of my very favorite foreign filmmakers, and I absolutely cannot wait to see this story about an introverted teen who lies to his parents about a trip, but not in the way you might be thinking.


Les Adieux a La Reine

This translates into «Farewell, My Queen,» and it is going to be good! It takes place during the French Revolution’s last days and focuses, predictably, on Marie Antoinette. Actually, it focuses on Marie and one of her readers. It stars Diane Kruger and Lea Seydoux, who’s definitely an ingénue to keep an eye on, both in the states and abroad.

These new European movies look fantastic and I can’t wait until they’re all available. I really enjoy foreign movies, whether they’re European films or movies from other places. What are some of your favorite foreign films, old or new? Let me know, I’d love to hear about some more titles!

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