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18 Best Movie Quotes from Will Ferrell to Make You Smile ...

By Melissa

Don’t you love Will Ferrell movie quotes? I know whenever I need a good laugh I can count on most any Will Ferrell movie to do the job. His movies are filled with hilarious unforgettable lines that leave me doubled over in laughter every time. Here are a few of my favorite Will Ferrell movie quotes.

1 ”Personal Philosophy: Clothing Optional.”

This line comes from Blades of Glory. I must admit it’s one of my least Will Ferrell movies, however I love this quote. Clothing optional is a great personal philosophy in my book.

2 “My Victory in Boston Was as Sweet as the Cream Pie from the City It's Named after.”

I love a good Boston Cream Pie and for that reason this Will Ferrell movie quote from Blades of Glory has always stood out to me. Yum!

3 “I Don't Know How to Put This but I'm Kind of a Big Deal.”

Ron Burgundy in Anchorman may have been an egotistical moron, but we could all learn a thing or two from his self-confidence. Sometimes you just got to put it out there so people know just how big a deal you really are.

4 “Son of a Bee-sting.”

As a mom I appreciate this Will Ferrell movie quote from Anchorman very much. We’ve all had moments when words not suited for young ears want to flow out of our mouths. “Son of a bee-sting” is a perfect alternative and one I use often when I stub my toe or burn dinner. It flows so much better than "son of a nutcracker," in my opinion.

5 “Mmmmm... I Look Good. I Mean Really Good. Hey Everyone... Come and See How Good I Look.”

The ridiculous amount of confidence Ron Burgundy has amazes me. I only wish people would humor me by admiring my looks in a mirror with me. If I pulled something like this I am sure I would get some crazy comments from my friends.

6 “You Gotta Win to Get Love. I Mean, That's Just Life.”

It’s this backwards thinking that makes Will Ferrell movie quotes unforgettable. Obviously Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights has it all wrong, or does he? I’m sure being a winner does get you a little more respect and love, but you no one should feel unloved because they didn’t win.

7 “Shake and Bake!”

Now this is a classic Will Ferrell movie quote from Talladega Nights. For weeks after seeing this movie I was repeating this line with my friends.

8 “Help Me Jesus! Help Me Jewish God! Help Me Allah! Help Me Tom Cruise! Tom Cruise, Use Your Witchcraft on Me to Get the Fire off Me! Help Me Oprah Winfrey!”

I know I, for one, have often thought just like Ricky Bobby. If God can’t help me, than maybe Tom Cruise and his witchcraft or Oprah Winfrey can. I mean, these two are definitely more powerful than God, right? Just joking.

8 “We Elves Try to Stick to the Four Main Food Groups: Candy, Candy Canes, Candy Corns and Syrup.”

Elf is probably one of my favorite holiday movies. It’s nice to have a Will Ferrell movie I can enjoy with my daughter without fear. She, of course, wishes she was like Buddy the Elf and could only eat sugar and candy.


I love this Will Ferrell movie quote from Elf. It captures the excitement and innocence of children at Christmas time. I get this excited for Santa too.

10 “I Smoked Pot with Johnny Hopkins.”

No matter how many times I watch Step Brothers, I laugh so hard I cry. Brennan in Step Brothers is trying to discredit his mom’s new husband's medical school by saying he smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.

11 “Mom, I Honestly Thought I Was Gonna Be Raped for a Second. He Had the Craziest Look in His Eyes. and at One Point He Said, "Lets Get It on."

Rape is no joking matter, but this Will Ferrell movie quote from Step Brothers adds a little comic relief. Brennan and his step brothers Dale had been fighting in the front yard when Brennan starts yelling rape. His mom called him out on his childish behavior and that is his explanation.

12 “Hey, I Did My First Desk Pop!”

Did you like the Other Guys with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as much as me? Will Ferrell plays the character Allen Gamble. Some of the other cops get Allen to shoot his gun off in the office. They call it a desk pop. He is pretty proud of himself until he realizes that a desk pop isn’t a real thing and the captain replaces his gun with a wooden toy gun.

13 “I Was so Drunk, I Thought a Tube of Toothpaste Was Astronaut Food.”

Wow, I can’t say I’ve ever been so drunk that I have mistaken anything for astronaut food, but I’m guessing Allen had a pretty good night. But, it sounds like he is going to have a rough morning too.

14 “do You Wake up in the Mornin' and Say, ‘I'm Puttin on My Big Boy Pants. Look, I'm Wearin' a Belt. I Got Big Boy Pants on.’"

Allen’s partner, Terry, has a slight tantrum when he picks up his computer monitor and throws it on the floor. I love how Allen is talking to this grown man in the same way most mothers will talk to a toddler throwing a fit. Put your big boy pants on and get a grip.

15 “is Anyone Asking How My Hand Feels after Punching That Iron like Jaw of That Baby?"

If you haven’t seen Will Ferrell’s newest movie The Campaign, I will tell you it is absolutely worth it. Will Ferrell plays a character, Cam Brady, running for re-election. It is filled with political humor. Which is absolutely perfect for this time of year as we near the 2012 Presidential Election in the US. This Will Ferrell movie quote comes after Cam punches a baby by accident.

16 “Rainbowland is Not Real! It's Not Real!”

Cam Brady is trying to defend a story he wrote as a young boy. In true political fashion his opponent is trying everything he can to make him look bad to the public, even bringing out a story from his childhood that Marty Huggins refers to as Cam Brady’s Communist manifesto.

17 “Because Schools is This Nation's Backbone.”

According to Cam Brady many things are the backbone of America. This quote obviously has some grammatical error, which is what makes this Will Ferrell movie quote funny. I may not know all there is to know about grammar but that is an obvious one.

18 “Because Filipino Tilt-a-Whirl Operators Are This Nation's Backbone!”

Like I said, according to Cam Brady many things are the backbone of America. The movie makes light of how politicians will say just about anything to get your vote and support.

There are plenty more fabulous Will Ferrell movie quotes. If you are a big Will Ferrell fan, please share some of your favorite Will Ferrell movie quotes in the comments. Really this list could go on forever.

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