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Top 7 Brad Pitt Movies ...

By Talynn

Top Brad Pitt Movies are pretty easy to come by, because I myself can't even think of a bad one! To ladies Brad Pitt is a practically unparalleled heartthrob, and to guys, he is what they want to look like after they work out. That's why groups of both genders throng to the cinema when a new Brad flick is out, and why they're all eager to buy up the top Brad Pitt movies when they're available on DVD. Either way, he is an extraordinary actor, who before Angelina Jolie came along, was in some pretty outstanding movies. Here are the top 7 Brad Pitt movies and the high points of his career as I see them.

1 Meet Joe Black

Meet Joe BlackPrice: $6.56 at
A three-hour love movie; who would think that could possibly be interesting? Well it is. The thing that sells this top Brad Pitt movie is that it isn’t your typical love movie, not by a long shot. Death takes the body of a recently deceased guy and muscles his way into the life of an expiring billionaire, granting him an extra week of life if he shows him what it’s like to be alive. The twist: death falls in love with his daughter. Not as weird as it sounds, I promise.

2 Snatch

SnatchPrice: $7.32 at
Guy Ritchie is a genius. Here Brad Pitt plays the bare-knuckle gypsy boxer who’s just trying to do right for his family. Pitt is easily the most charismatic character in this quirky British crime drama. The scene where he fights back tears in his underwear as his home burns will get you every time.

3 A River Runs through It

A River Runs through ItPrice: $7.49 at
This is a vintage top Brad Pitt movie. Here he plays a prairie kid just growing up and making his way. He’s a supporting character, but a lovable one, and my favorite part of the movie. This is a serious character drama about growing up and keeping your family close as shown by a couple of fishing enthusiasts, and it’s actually pretty heart warming at times.

4 Legends of the Fall

Legends of the FallPrice: $6.16 at
More vintage Brad Pitt. Here he plays the adventurous brother again, but this time to a motherless family of western settlers. It chronicles their lives and their hardships as they make their way and do what is right by them and their beliefs. The ending is one for the books.

5 Ocean’s Eleven

Ocean’s ElevenPrice: $6.49 at
Here’s one of those rare times when a remake far out does the original. Clooney and Pitt put together, literally, the perfect heist movie. One of the cleverest twists, pulled off by a group of the most quirky and likable characters you’ll ever meet. Seriously, one of the best casts of all time, and that easily makes it a top Brad Pitt movie.

6 The Mexican

The MexicanPrice: $4.89 at
This movie flew way too far under the radar. It deserves much more praise than it has ever received. It stars Brad Pitt as a regular guy indebted to the mob all the while his girlfriend, Julia Roberts, is kidnapped to make sure he does his part correctly. I know that at this point it sounds serious, but it’s really not. It’s extremely quirky and funny as it’s one part romantic comedy and two parts western. Rent this once and your boyfriend will buy it, guaranteed.

7 Fight Club

Fight ClubPrice: $16.99 at
This is one of those movies that was so good the first that I saw it, I immediately rewound the tape and watched it again. And yes, the first time I watched it, it was on VHS. In it we see Brad Pitt and Edward Norton as they start an underground fight club that quickly spirals into a rogue group called Project Mayhem. Brad Pitt plays Tyler Durden who is hands down one of the coolest characters of all time. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, add it to your Netflix queue NOW! Trust me, it's number one on my list of top Brad Pitt movies for a reason!

As I said before, you could almost say that all of his films could qualify as top Brad Pitt movies. It isn't just that he's gorgeous; he's a truly phenomenal actor as well. And as you can see by the top Brad Pitt movies listed here, that talent is extremely versatile. Still, either you love him or hate him. This list is not intended to take a vote as to whether you like Brad Pitt or not, but which movie is your favorite. What are your favorite top Brad Pitt movies?

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