30 Best Movies to Watch after a Breakup ...


30 Best Movies to Watch after a Breakup ...
30 Best Movies to Watch after a Breakup ...

The best movies to watch after a breakup always make you feel better about your situation. Some of them commiserate with you, because they tap into the anger, pain, hurt, or sadness you feel after breaking up with your special someone. Others inspire you by letting you know that it's not the end of the world and things really will get better. During that period of healing where you just want to curl up in your favourite pyjamas with a carton of your favourite ice cream, you need something that makes you laugh or cry or rage. To get you started, here are some of the best movies to watch after a breakup.

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

If you're looking to laugh after your personal tragedy, this is unquestionably one of the best movies to watch after a breakup. Dear, adorable Jason Segel will have you laughing and crying along with his sympathetic character – and you'll find that you'll absolutely meet someone better. This one's especially good to watch if your significant other cheated on you, especially since Sarah gets hers in the end.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall shines as a beacon of comedic relief and emotional healing. Jason Segel, who not only stars but also penned the film, delivers a raw yet relatable performance of heartbreak and the journey to recovery. It's an intimate invitation to laugh through your tears and embrace the messiness of moving on. Featuring a hilariously eccentric cast, including the likes of Russell Brand and Mila Kunis, each character weaves in a touch of humor and wisdom that might just make you believe in love again—or at least in the healing power of a good chuckle.


(500) Days of Summer

This is such a wonderful movie, and if you're going through a breakup, I know it will help uplift you. Odds are likely that you'll sympathise with either Tom or Summer, especially if you were sure that you and your ex were meant to be together. It also proves that you will get through this, even though it seems so hard in the beginning.


"(500) Days of Summer" elegantly captures the rollercoaster of emotions following a failed relationship. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel deliver performances that resonate with anyone who's navigated the complex landscape of love only to find themselves at a dead-end. The film's non-linear storytelling mirrors the unpredictable journey of healing, reminding viewers that moving on is not just possible, but inevitable. Let this movie be your companion as you sort through the remnants of heartbreak and start piecing together the hopeful possibility of a new beginning.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You should only watch this one if you want to be sort of depressed. Actually, it's also a good pick if you'd really like to forget about your recently departed relationship. It shows that forgetting is never the answer, because there are things you have to remember – and things you simply can't forget. You can, however, come to terms with them, learn to live with them, and feel better as they gradually turn into memories that aren't quite so fresh and painful.


Annie Hall

This one is old, but it's a classic. It's also a fantastic breakup movie for a number of reasons. As you watch it, just pay close attention to Annie herself. I don't want to ruin the ending for anyone who hasn't seen this one yet, but I promise, it will show you that things really aren't that bad.


High Fidelity

There are actually lots of John Cusack films that deal with breakups and the hardships of love, but I chose this one because, well, I like it best. More to the point, it's a breakup movie. Rob Gordon has gone through so many breakups, and his journey to discover why none of his relationships last might just lend you some much needed perspective.


The Break-up

Naturally, this one is a classic break-up movie too. It's great when you need to laugh, and when you need a clear vision of the things that sometimes cause couples to split. Better yet, the ending is rather ambiguous – and since life is often ambiguous as well, the whole movie is quite illuminating, especially for a rom-com.


Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Lots of similar articles and lists choose Closer as a great breakup movie, and while there's something about its darkness that does help during a hard time, I think Diary of a Mad Black Woman is much more relevant. Not every breakup is funny. Breakups can be dirty, gritty, dark, and harmful to one or both parties involved. If you need inspiration, if you need to see someone with strength and resilience, watch this one.


Jerry Maguire

This is one of the classic breakup movies that everyone should have watched by now -- especially if you've been broken up with! Jerry is sports agent and he has found the only person that believes in him -- until he screws it up. It's a beautiful story that has some great acting!


All the Real Girls

If you want a real breakup movie, this is the best one. It's an independent film that features Zooey Deschanel. She is not only the highlight in this movie, but the plot? Small-town love story with a young man with a reputation? It's classic!


Notting Hill

Who doesn't love Notting Hill? This movie is all about a movie star and her life -- and what happens when she falls for a bookstore owner. It's a beautiful story and has it's ups and downs and Julia Roberts is fantastic in it!


The Holiday

The Holiday is definitely a great movie if you are really looking for a breakup movie! Not only does it feature two amazing actresses, but the whole story line? The plot? It's incredible! Basically, it's all about a house swap from the UK to LA and it's crazy!


First Wives Club

What breakup movie list would be complete without this one? This is definitely one for the charts and it's a great movie about revenge -- in the best possible way! Basically, all of the women got traded in for younger models and instead of sitting back and taking it, they did something about it!


He's Just Not That into You

Sometimes, us girls do get into our own head space and we have a hard time letting go -- and have a hard time not staying attached. That's when we gotta realise, maybe he's just not that into you! Watch this movie, it'll change the way you think about guys!


Under the Tuscan Sun

Oh yes, she ran all the way to Italy to get away from her ex ... and bought a villa! This movie is fantastic and Sandra O? She's awesome! Great movie to cry your eyes out to and to really understand the inner-workings of a marriage that has been broken up!


How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Sometimes we need to be reminded that things can get better and this movie does just that. The best things sometimes happen we least expect it! Based on a semi-autobiographical best-selling novel, How Stella Got Her Groove Back might be just what you need.



If you're looking for a laugh and little revenge, this is the movie for you. After her husband leaves her for a younger woman, she sets out to make herself better. Oh, and ruin his life. Of course it's an extreme scenario, but it's hilarious and definitely needs to be on your "break up marathon" list.


The Women

One of my personal favourites, this is a remake of the 1939 movie of the same name. Even though I'm a fan of old movies, I love this version a lot more! After her husband cheats on her, her friends gather around to help her get through this hard time. A movie that will make you laugh and realise that sometimes all you need is your friends and some closure to get through.


Legally Blonde

Not everyone thinks of this as a break-up movie, but think about it that's exactly what this movie is about. Elle gets broken up with because she doesn't fit in her boyfriend's life plan and decides that she'll do whatever she has to to get him back. By the end, though, she realises that she doesn't need a man and neither do you!!!


Bridget Jones' Diary

If you haven't seen this movie (and the second one and the third one!), you've got to see it. This is all about relationships, all about Bridget's struggles and all about the fact that she can't, for sure, decide on a man -- or at least the right man!


Silver Linings Playbook

This movie is all about looking for the silver lining, which is what you need to do in a breakup!



He left his girlfriend and now, all he can do is dream about her. Sound familiar?



This movie seems out of place right? It's not. This movie is all about being alone and the difference between being alone and being lonely. Watch it!


Sleepless in Seattle

This is the ultimate breakup movie to watch! If you haven't seen this, you need to.


Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen's tortuous journey through first impressions, assumptions about romantic inclinations, and social differences can be a bit tough to watch because you know there's a happy ending which will remind you of your own relationship's unhappy demise but it is witty and beautifully acted and when the girl gets her man, you'll be happy for her regardless of your sadness.


Wuthering Heights

Want to wallow in your sadness? Stick on Wuthering Heights. The main characters are just as miserable as you are feeling right now. Watch the Tom Hardy version because if you're going to cry, you might as well be consoled by some eye candy.



Just because you need to be reminded that it is a good thing to end a toxic relationship no matter how shitty you feel right now.


Before Sunrise

I know it's a cliche to say there are plenty more fish in the sea but Before Sunrise is a great reminder that your soulmate may very well be on the next train you take (or bus, or plane, or boat...)


Kill Bill

In a breakup rage? Well you can't go out and key his car. He's taken all his stuff so you can't cut up his favourite jeans into hundreds of pieces. But you can vicariously chop his head off and stab him in the unmentionables through The Bride and her trusty sword. If you want to buy a yellow onesie to wear while on your couch, we won't judge.


Love Actually

One of the most enjoyable romcoms of recent times, this is a terrific multi-threaded story of love... love when it hurts so bad, love when it is glorious, unrequited love, unattainable love and heartwarming girl gets her man love. Laugh and cry but laugh harder.



You want to cry because even though you're not so sad you've broken up, you just haven't reached that 'crying is cathartic' stage yet. Stick on Beaches and reach for the tissues. This story of friendship never fails to jerk a tear.

Breakups are hard. They hurt; you hurt. You feel like you'll never be happy again, or like you'll never fall in love again. You will be happy and you will fall in love. First, though, you need to be distracted, and that's why you need to rent the best movies to watch after a breakup. What movies help you when you're feeling angry or sad?

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Under the Tuscan Sun.

I watch Ferris Bueler's Day Off

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