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Curling up on the sofa with your favorite beverage and snacks is a great step in your road to recovery after a breakup. Many lovelorn girls will automatically reach for a romcom (that prolongs the agony when there’s a happy ending) or a tearjerker (why cry more?) but there are plenty of great movies to lose yourself in for a couple of hours to take your mind off your pain.

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(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Indie film (500) Days Of Summer is not only a quirky and humorous look at the day by day details of a 500 hundred day relationship, it is also a reminder that love today doesn’t necessarily mean love tomorrow, and that perhaps that one special person you are supposed to be with hasn’t even come in to your life yet. Don’t give up hope just because you are struggling with a current breakup.

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Side Effects (2013)

Side Effects is a great movie to watch post breakup because it will provide you with enough cathartic feelings whilst at the same time possessing an intriguing and suspenseful story to help you escape your own mind for a couple of hours. The film’s killer twist will certainly help to keep your mind of the breakup for the evening. Having Channing Tatum to ogle is no bad thing either.

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The First Wives Club (1996)

If you are in a vengeful mood, The First Wives Club is one of the best movies to watch after a breakup! This 90's classic tells the story of three wives who are being divorced by their husbands, but instead of getting mad, they decide to get even! Full of crazy situations and laughter but still with a real heart, this one’s a real must see.

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Brief Encounter (1945)

If you are looking for something super romantic that might help you to forget the less than ideal situation that you have currently found yourself in, then Brief Encounter is the perfect example of a classic romance. A tale of a chance meeting that turns in to a sweeping, encompassing love affair will allow you to revel in the world of cinematic fantasy for a little while.

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My Sister’s Keeper (2009)

Perhaps you are looking for a film that will allow you to get out all of those tears and emotions? Look no further than My Sister’s Keeper. This one is a certified weepy that doesn’t revolve around a romance, but the emotional struggles of a family dealing with terminal illness. Starring Cameron Diaz, My Sister’s Keeper goes down well with a box of tissues and a bar of chocolate!

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Girl, Interrupted (1999)

There can often be something quite therapeutic about watching a film in which every character’s situation is worse than yours. Girl, Interrupted details the true story of a young woman who is committed to a psychiatric unit and the people who she meets whilst inside. Though bleak in parts, the film also as a strange sense of inspiration towards the end, which can also help to boost your mood a little bit.

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Some say that laughter is the greatest medicine, and for a girl who is feeling down there is no better comic remedy than Bridesmaids. Starring Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, the power of Bridesmaids is so effective that for a couple of hours these funny ladies will be able to take your mind off of your breakup and throw you in to a world of crazy high jinks and laugh out loud moments.

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So that’s my short list of movies to watch after a breakup. I’m sure you’ve all for some great suggestions too? Let’s hear them!

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OK so the ones I don't mention haven't seen 500 days of rubbish is what I will call that film. Nuff said. My sister's keeper waste of time. Brief encounter beautiful beautiful find. It is so good I would say that it is one of the films to watch before you die. Reply I mean it. Great mention there neecey. Bridesmaids is the best. I laughed till I cried. It is just such a great film. I will recommend it.

I was expecting mean girls to be on here!

Bridesmaids is one of my fav movies!!:)

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